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An NFL scout's take on Johnny Football

O-JOHNNY-MANZIEL-facebookBarring an unforseen turn of events, Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel will be playing his final college game on Tuesday, December 31.

The Aggies should run all over No. 21 Duke in the Chick-fil-A Bowl. Then Manziel will do what he has been itching to for some time - leave College Station, Texas to go pro.

Other than the final two games of the regular season, Manziel's second year as the starting QB was nearly as good as his first, when he won the Heisman Trophy. He threw for 3,732 yards, 33 touchdowns, and ran for 686 yards with eight more scores. 

There was nothing he could do about a bad Aggies defense, which allowed an average of 221 rushing yards per game - among other bad statistics.

By now, Manziel thinks he is ready for the pros. He is not. No slam on him - no one is "ready" for this jump. They just jump and hope it works.

Talking to a veteran NFL player personnel director, he thinks Manziel will be a first-round pick in the 2014 NFL draft. There was zero hesitation when I asked him. If Tim Tebow was a first-round pick, there is no reason Manziel should fall to the second round.

"He has the 'It' factor," he said. "Somebody is going to take him in the first round."

This player personnel director expressed no concern over the off-the-field headlines that generated so much negative attention in the spring of '13.

The knock this player personel director had on Manziel wasn't his height, but the concern of whether Manziel can endure the NFL's 16-game schedule, the influence of Manziel's family, and ...

"This guy thinks he can do everything. He tries to do too much," he said. "He thinks he can do all of it. But he's special. I think he can play."


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Johnny Football has been checked out for a looong time. He has talent. I just wonder if he can survive the pounding of the NFL.


I see Manziel as the fourth quarterback taken in the draft behind Teddy Bridgewater from Louisville, Blake Bortles from Central Florida, and Derek Carr from Fresno State. With the league desperate for starting quarterbacks, that still could make him a top ten pick. It's true he's a little short, but when you see what guys like Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick are doing with the read-option, I don't think size is the issue it used to be at the quarterback position. My only question about the kid is his arm. Sometimes the ball comes out kind of wobbly and without zip. He is a baller though, and just like Tebow his competitive nature is going to buy him at least a few years in the NFL.


Johnny is going to find out that all the defensive players in the NFL are as fast as the fastest guys on the college defenses he played against. I predict NFL failure for Johnny Football.


It all depends on the type of team Johnny goes to in the draft. He would be a good pick for the Texans because they have talent and a new head coach coming in.

Rob Tentoy

Manziel is a spoiled, immature, arrogant and extremely talented kid. Emphasis on "kid." He's not been helped by all the media drooling, which has just helped fuel this fame monster.
Cam Newton had similar problems although I don't think it was near as bad and he's showing signs that he has perhaps grown up and may very well have a career despite it looking increasingly iffy not that long ago.
The question is whether or not Manziel can adjust to the top level criticism and the almost inevitable difficulties of the pro level. He hasn't really dealt with failure and if I remember correctly from the magazine article before the season, he apparently does not deal with failure/not getting his own way very well.
Unless he gets drafted by a team and immediately becomes the Starting QB and has ridiculous success as rookie, he's going to have to grow up very fast to have a long career.


All I know is I'm going to miss Johnny Football. He has been fun to watch! We love you Johnny Football!


Since Manziel is reportedly even better at baseball than football, his agent needs to land him a fat multi-year contract with a deep pockets ball club in a top MLB market and forgo what will likely be a short NFL stint and the punishment that comes with it. It's certainly no sure thing he can ever stand out as Johnny Football in the NFL and it is a sure thing that injuries and a short career come with the territory of his high risk style of play, just look at RGIII.


What a deep analysis!

Tebow, who is not even on a team now, was a 1st round pick, so some NFL team is stupid enough to waste their pick on him?

I hoping to read something about his receiver progressions, footwork, or delivery.

Instead I got a second-hand recommendation!

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