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Big Mac Blog - Best places in the world

UnknownName dropping is one of the most celebrated annoying traits at any party or conversation.

“I bumped into Michael Jordan the other day and I told him, ‘MJ – you look like you could drop 40 on the Jazz right now,” the man said. “You know what Mike told me? - this is the best; he said - ‘Nah, more like 38 because I’d want the assists.’ That's just so Mike. He's the best isn't he? God, so great to see him again.”

Those people are truly the worst, for not only are they full of it but they use nicknames no one else would to detail their fiction.

On par with Name Droppers are Place Droppers, for which I am deliciously a distinguished member.
For instance, a friend goes on and on about a recent trip with an, “We went to Australia, and the parks in Sydney are just great – the views of the Opera House are incredible.”
There is no better way to tell that person that not only are you better than them by marginalizing their once-in-a-lifetime adventure with an even better, more obscure, locale.
“That’s neat you made a little trip over there,” I say. “The park in Bangkok is the best.”

Thus begins our The Big Mac Blog's Best Places in the World

Unknown-1The Bridge At Avignon
Nearly everybody goes to Paris (looking at you, Gina Miller), but the best way to separate you from the rest is a visit to a little off-the-map place in a foreign country that you can really rub a person’s nose in. Europe is loaded with such possibilities.

This ancient walled city is in the south of France, and several hours via train from Paris. It’s just north of Niece.
Avignon is more known for its Palace of the Popes, when the city actually housed the headquarters of the Catholic Church a loooong time ago. The city is part ancient Catholic church, hard core medievil, part college town, and constant tourist attraction. It’s a gorgeous place with a charming main street that is flanked by Euro restaurants, coffee places, pastry shops and loads of snooty people who don’t eat.

AvignonThe city also is pushed up against the Rhone River, and a famous bridge you may have read about in the greatest book ever penned, “Catch 22”. If you don’t recall, Yossarin made a bombing raid over Avignon that went to hell.

The bridge is also the source of a famous nursery rhyme, “Sus le Pont d’Avignon”. Yeah … I’ve never heard of it, etiher.

This bridge was built in the 1200’s, and over the centuries was partially destroyed and rebuilt and partially destroyed again. As you can see, it remains unfinished.
This town is worthy visit for its ancient sites, and the chance to remind people of your superiority.



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