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Big Mac Blog review: Live Sound of Music cast the wrong Tony Romo-ex

172The prospect of watching Houston Texans at Jacksonville Jaguars was enough to channel surf - and stop - on NBC's live re-telling of The Sound of Music. It was too tempting to see if Tony Romo's ex could pull off the impossible: play Maria Rainer.

It was tragic to see NBC cast Carrie Underwood, rather than Jessica Simpson, try her hand at one of the most beloved characters ever set to screen. She never had a chance.

In fairness to Underwood, no one has a prayer of being another Julie Andrews. Knowing this, NBC would have been better served to go for the funny and cast Jessica Simpson as the new mommy to the Von Trapp litter.

Underwood tried - and tried - to be Maria but the memory of Andrews running around those hills outside of Salzburg, Austria is still too fresh regardless if you watched the movie four minutes, or 4,000 years, ago.

Props to Stephen Moyer (True Blood) who did a nice job as Captain Von Trapp, and his cover of Edelweiss in the finale was commendable.

It just really didn't help that Carrie Underwood is not, you know, an actress. And she does not have Julie Andrews' considerable vocal skills. Other than that, Underwood was fine.

Watching/listening to Underwood butcher "Do Re Mi" should have been enough to make most mortals turn away, but the fear of Texans/Jaguars was simply too great.

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While I understand why you might want to make comparisons to the 1965 movie version of the Sound of Music, this was never meant to be a remake. This was a live airing of the stage production of the musical. Andrews was not in the stage production...neither was Christopher Plummer. The original stage production starred Mary Martin and Theodore Bikel.

The Sound of Music was Andrews 3rd film - at the time she was cast she was filming her first movie. She had appeared on Broadway in only 3 productions. Don't you think that those familiar with the stage production of Sound of Music would have preferred for Martin to do the role that she made famous rather than a newbie? Give Carrie a break. She did fine.

Anna Mato

I enjoyed the NBC "Sound of Music". I thought Carrie did a fine job, and Steven Moyers was good. The singing was fine. No one can compare her to Julie Andrews, but her voice was amazing and she did a great job. This is entertainment on TV and I was entertained. It beats some of the junk that is on TV today.


The multi-generational family and i went into it with the highest of hopes, but it was just poorly produced and directed. Yes, you can blame Carrie's untrained ability, but ultimately the whole thing was clunky and without flow. Much like a highlight show with scenes all shoved together. No passion. No humor. Live TV can be so much better than this. Keep in mind everyone that i have yet to compare it to the movie classic or former stage performances. I judge this effort on its own two feet and it stumbles greatly. Carrie needed more humor. Georg needed some passion. The kids needed some mischief and familiarity with eachother. Camera angles were very soap opera. Mostly i believe it lacked im humor. D+
Katherine Mcphee would have been a better choice.


The one and only thing I did not like was the singing nuns! Their voices were way too high and were irritating to listen to! As for the rest of the show I totally LOVED it, and cried in several places from being emotionally drawn in by it all. I loved the performance of everyone, including Carrie. I thought she sung everything wonderfully and at some points I actually liked her voice better than Julie Andrews. And I loved every 'new' thing that was done, including how they rearranged when certain songs were sung.

It was not intended to be a copy or remake of the movie. The critics need to get a grip. This was not a multimillion dollar film, produced with long-term professionals and so the criticisms are very unfounded. The children were totally adorable and well voiced and a joy to watch! and performed magnificently! I also thought it was very fascinating how the scenes were staged to go from one 'location' to another. WELL DONE!!! And the sets and scenery were amazing! The curved stairway in the house was so beautiful as was the portrayal of the mountains. Again, I loved it (except for the nuns). Bravo to you Carrie! and the whole cast!

Sheila Albert

It was truly terrible and the music--okay at best--couldn't hope to make up for the atrocious acting. It was painful to watch.


Carrie was wonderful........just wonderful.......I'd like to see any one of you, obviously untalented, try to do justice to the same could have watched football....

Doug Altman

I am 50 and never saw the movie or stage production. I watched all three hours and was very pleased with the musical. I can not see how anyone could compare this to a movie that can have as many retakes as possible to get it perfect!

Jane H.

Kudos to NBC and all of the cast for this live production. A job well done! There is so much garbage on television--what a refreshing change for viewers. I hope the other networks follow suit and try something like this.

Zoie Klipsch

Carrie Underwood did a respectable job. She did have a slight slip in her opening scene. Further, she ran out of breath while singing a couple of songs, most obviously at the end of "Do Re Me." Steven Moyers should not have been given the part. He simply cannot sing. What bothered me the most was the poor lighting and camera angles. I lost count the number of times the camera was out of focus. The lighting was HORRIBLE!!! Also, if you looked carefully through the window in Maria's bedroom, you could see for a second or two the oldest child squattng down at the window before she entered the room. NBC gave it a try. However, I would only give it a B-.

Carrie Underwood



There were some disappointments but overall, I think everyone did a good job and I would pay to take the family to see it.

The Sound of Music is a classic. No one can rise to the charm and finesse that Julie Andrews brought to the character of Maria with her posh accent, songbird pipes, humility, and that aire of innocence and vulnerability --- but that's OK. The story and the beautiful music are compelling enough to get around any inconsistencies and flat spots. Nothing will ever match the mastery of the original but the revival is still nicely done.

I am somewhat curious about whether our American youth having a meaningful connection to world history some 75 years after Germany's occupation of Austria. When the original movie came out, the effects of WWII were still fairly fresh --- our war veterans were still young. I wonder if this part of the production holds real significance for America's younger generations.

Gary S

I went into the watching of The Sound Of Music on NBC with much trepidation. Yes I have seen the movie, and yes I have seen the play preformed in various venues. A live TV broadcast is neither of those. That being said, I felt that to take on one of the most beloved musicals and preform it on live TV was a bold and gutsy challenge by execs and actors. As with other live TV telecasts of long ago, I anticipated a seemingly general uncomfortable performance by the actors and a general loss of the grandness of the production by the small screen.

I am relieved to say that my concerns were unfounded. It was a most delightful evening. This was television at it's finest. The entire cast were professional and the technical direction was far above some of the most costly TV shows available today. I have to give huge thumbs ups to the entire ensemble and for the courage that it took to display their talents on live TV.

I hope NBC looks at this as a win-win situation and decides to continue broadcasting similar shows in the future.


Thank you so much Carrie Underwood for bringing this to us. You were magnificent and it was so wonderful to have a show with some faith actually aired on NBC. I was shocked quite frankly. Honestly, I think any negative comments are coming from folks that really can't handle the mention of God on TV. It's so sad.
What an amazing production feet to have all the camera angels be so spot on and everyone on mark. Congratulations to the cast.


I agree with Mac. Jessica Simpson in the role would have provided us many "Lillie Von Schtupp" moments. A different angle was needed to set it apart from the original.

Ol' neighbor


Rob Tentoy

"It just really didn't help that Carrie Underwood is not, you know, an actress."

Yeah, because Jessica Simpson has been robbed of numerous acting awards.

The only times your sports opinions make you look intelligent are when you give your non-sports opinions.

Jane Duke

I saw the Sound of Music last night and throughly enjoyed the entire production. All of the people complaining are probably people who love reality tv. This was a LIVE production and was a delight to watch. Carrie Underwood and Steve Moyer were amazing. To compare a live production to the movie is unjust on so many levels. Watch it for what is was and stop comparing to the movie.


No one is saying this was bad because they are comparing it to the movie. It was bad on its own merits. I have seen a high school stage production of this show and a community theater production, and both were better than this.
The production was shoddy. There were sound issues with white noise coming through, the direction was from the moon in many instances and the pace was far too slow.
Many are saying Carrie can't act; well, that's true. She looked dead behind the eyes, and I didn't believe a word out of her mouth. But the bigger point is that Ms. Underwood belts country/pop tunes, but belting the score from The Sound of Music just proves how untrained her voice is and that she's a one-trick pony. Anyone who thinks that Carrie Underwood has a great voice is confused. She sounds strained most of the time and rarely has any shades of nuance in her vocals.
This was a debacle. The only good parts came from Laura Benanti and the guy who played Max. Audra McDonald has a good voice, but I found her acting strange in the end.
As to those saying it was better than a reality show...high praise, indeed. Pretty much anything is better than a reality show. Have we all been so deprived of truly good singing, acting and entertainment that we think something with this lack of quality was actually good? It's sad, but true. A gourmet meal that has been burned is still bad...even if you've been fed garbage for the past ten years.


I forgot to add; this was a really funny article. Thinking about Jessica Simpson in it, and comparing it to the Texans/Jaguars made me laugh out loud.


Carrie did great, we realy enjoyed the show! and bought the DVD today.
Can't understand the negative reviews

owen g. christian

My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the entire production. We have been fans of Carrie Underwood since her initial appearance on American Idol. In many aspects we enjoyed this production as much as the original starring Ms. Andrews. Mac needs to stick to writing sports dialogue. At least he is remotely familiar with sports analysis.

L. Owen

I think Carrie Underwood gave us a wonderfully enjoyable performance. If you watched this and did not catch yourself grinning from ear to ear or even singing or humming along during parts of this performance, then you are truly the Grinch. Remember it is only meant to entertain us and all the cast of this performance could not have done it any better. Congrats to you all!

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