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Cowboys Cold Truths: 8-8 is what they are

6a00e54f7fc4c5883301a51008cfef970c-300wiFor only the third time in NFL history, a team has finished 8-8 three conseuctive seasons. Looking forward to the Dallas Cowboys unveiling the "8-8 Three Straight Years" banner in the fall of '14.

Kicker Dan Bailey should be in the Ring of Honor next Thursday at the latest.

In yet another .500 season that ended with a chance to win the NFC East and make the playoffs, the Cowboys lost to a division rival again, 24-22 to the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Cowboys lost three games this season by one point:
9/15 at Kansas City, L 17-16
10/27 at Detroit, L 31-30
12/15 v Green Bay, L 37-36

The Cowboys lost one game by three points:
10/6 v. Denver, L 51-48

And the Cowboys lost one game by two points:
12/29 v. Philadelphia, L 24-22

According to Elias, your Cowboys have the most losses by 2 or fewer points in a single season in NFL history with four. So they have that going for them, which is nice.

Despite an admirable effort by the Cowboys against the Eagles on Sunday night, this is what they are - pretty average. The Cowboys defeated one team with a winning record - the Eagles. Six of their eight losses are against teams that made the playoffs.

The Cowboys were never going to beat the Saints in the playoffs next week, but it would have been a tangible improvement and fun to watch.

MnBAI.St.58The Cowboys' defense was as good as it had been in months, and held arguably the NFL's most dynamic offense to a reasonable figure. Rather than trying to complement backup quarterback Kyle Orton, who was making his first start in years, by relying on the running game they put it on his right arm.

Orton threw 46 passes.
DeMarco Murray ran it 17 times. Orton ran it once.

That type of "balance" works if your name is Brady or Manning or Brees, but is a sure ticket to a few bad throws if you are Orton. His season-ending interception on a slant throw to Miles Austin is on him - it was a bad throw - but the Cowboys asked Orton to do too much. They forgot he's Kyle Orton.

This is what the Cowboys continually do under Jason Garrett - hang around. Sometimes they beat the bad teams. They don't beat the good teams because they are not a good team. It's always something.

Eight and eight is about right.



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loraine in dallas

sad. sad. sad. it ended exactly how it was supposed to. it was heart breaking. but any fool who has followed this team knew we would lose it like this; close game with a game killing interception. the ghost of tony room made sure we would not see the post season this year.

on a positive note; the team is close. we have talent. our new coach should make the playoffs next season. this team is very close.

Richard Watkins

the cowboys are not close , and if they continue to be 8-8 they will stay far away . this type record will convince GM Jerry Jones that they are just one or two players away . They are 8 players away on defense and at least 4 or 5 away on offense . they need about 3 straight 2-14 seasons to convince Owner Jerry Jones to hire a real GM and coach


Not Orton's fault. And the defense played out of their minds.

This one's on the head coach. How in the World with the chance to go up on the Eagles with a field goal do you risk not let Bailey kick one more.

Instead the Red Headed step child, played into the Eagles hands and goes for it with a pass.

How in the He-double heck to make a guy who's making his first start in years throw 46 times and make Demarco Murray a unick by forgeting the run in the 2nd half?

Cowboy's offensive triumvirate was frankly offensive.

Fire em' all starting with the GM?


In some ways it's better to be bad than mediocre. When you're bad you get higher draft picks and may have a shot at drafting a franchise quarterback. When you're bad you get a softer schedule the following year. When you're bad expectations are lower and you get a little slack from fans if they think you're on the right track to building a winner. 8-8 will give the Cowboys either pick 16 or 17 depending a coin flip with Baltimore. Basically that will help get mediocre players to replace the mediocre players we currently have. You're not going to get a Teddy Bridgewater way down there. I guess it doesn't matter anyway, because Jerry is picking and we all know how he can screw up a draft, but I digress. I can't imagine what the Cowboys do going forward, but the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. We know this owner. We know this coach. We know this quarterback. We know this team. Big changes have to happen, and I'm not talking about changing defensive schemes or who calls the plays. Heads need to roll starting with the general manager.

cotton tail

Stay the course. That's the answer. We lose by very little. You build thru the draft. You are always going to have misfires. This team needs upgrades at various positions but the core is solid. Jerry needs a real GM but that is not going to happen. I like Garrett well enough but it's time to bring a closer (see John Gruden) who can cut lose the crap, unify the talent, and win a few of these close ball games. I'll give Jerry Jones credit for spending money and wanting to win. Jerry is not a good GM but he is a great owner. Maybe the greatest owner is all of sports. He needs a few more players and he will start winning that division.


Dear Cowboy fan (yes, YOU),

Nineteen years have proven conclusively that Jerry is a poor playoff team builder. No credible thinking observer of the NFL can rationally debate that point.

The thing that Cowboy fans must come to grips with is the "how" of his on-going General Managership. The painful truth he remains in that office for the same reason politicians remain in office. With politicians they stay in office because voters put them there and keep them there. Owner Jerry can ignore how bad GM Jerry is because he keeps getting enough fans to buy tickets to keep his gm in office.

Just like with bad politicians, the responsibility ALWAYS ultimately rests with the people who put them in office and keep them in office. You can rail at the bad politician all you want, but if you aren't doing your part to get them out of office, ultimately Dallas Cowboy fans YOU are responsible. Yes, YOU the fans that keep hoping against hope Jerry will finally become a top of league GM, YOU the fans who keep buying his pr that we are just a player or two away, YOU the fans who keep buying his claim that "any team who gets in the playoffs can go win a super bowl", YOU fans who religiously keep ignoring the reality of Einstein's definition of insanity (keep doing the same thing and expecting different results) ARE TO BLAME.

Quit blaming the "politician" because you give him the support to stay in office. Quit blaming owner Jerry for letting GM Jerry stay in office so long as YOU keep giving the support in ticket money and interest that it takes for Jerry to stay in office. YOU and in the final analysis, no one but YOU are to blame.

Wake up. Take responsibility. Vote by not putting your butts in the seats. The bucks start and stop with the fans wallets. "The buck stops here." That means YOU Mr/Mrs Dallas Cowboy fan. Stop feeding Jerry bucks...

Or keep an incompetent GM in office.

Vote the bum out... or get what you deserve. Or, I should say, keep getting. The bucks start and stop with the fans wallets.


You are 95 percent correct. Yes we have to withdraw income from Jerry until he sells similar to what ranger fans to Hicks. But make no mistake Jerry has to sell. Making money is Jerry's second priority. His first priority is 'ATTENTION'. Jerry is the world's biggest camera Wh**e. He makes the Kardashians look like wallflowers. He has to humiliated enough to sell. Otherwise he will continue to meddle the minute the Cowboys become topical (the Parcells era). He has to driven out.

herman lara

Jerry has all the answers for what ails the cowboys, yeah right. His son Steve is now def coordinator. And that little boy, not Jason, but the one that sits beside him in his box, gets to call a lot of plays.

Steve Cale, Fort Worth

Here is a 'cold truth': we suck

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