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Cowboys Cold Truths: This feels like the game that gets Coach Process

Dal_g_garrett_b1_200Since Jason Garrett replaced the legendary Wade Phillips as head coach of the Dallas Cowboys on November 8, 2010 the team has written some of the most impressively painful losses in the history of sport. Joseph Heller couldn't make this stuff up. 

How the Cowboys blew a 26-3 halftime lead on Sunday afternoon against the Green Bay Packers to lose 37-36 is more amazing than it is sad. It's really hard to do this, at home, against Packers QB Matt Flynn. Yet the Cowboys under Jason Garrett have done it, in a relatively short amount of time, frequently against a variety of opponents.

Forget his first season when he was the interim head coach and had a band-aid roster led by backup QBs Jon Kitna and Stephen McGee, some of the losses the Cowboys have had under Garrett in nearly three seasons are historical.

Sept. 11, 2011 at New York Jets
Cowboys led 24-10 entering the fourth quarter. Lost 27-24.

Oct. 2, 2011 v. Detroit Lions
Cowboys led 27-3 early in the third quarter before falling apart. Lost 34-30.

Dec. 2, 2011 v. New York Giants
Led 34-22 with 5:41 remaining. Lost 37-34.

Oct. 6, 2013 v. Denver Broncos
Led 48-41 with 7:19 remaining. Lost 51-48.

Oct. 27, 2013 at Detroit Lions
Led 27-17 with 6:45 remaining. Lost 31-30.

Dec. 15, 2013 v. Green Bay Packers
Led 26-3 at the half. Led 29-17 early in fourth quarter. Lost 37-36.

Play calling, Romo, the defense ... it's always something. 

With two games remaining the Cowboys can still win the NFC East and host a playoff game. If they do that, Jason Garrett will return.

Unlike the loss in New Orleans on Nov. 11 when it looked like they quit, the team is still trying. The defense is a mess of injury, and the offense can't compensate for the shortcomings that shadow this team.

There are still two weeks to change things, and both Garrett and the team cling to this hope, but the more this team plays the more it becomes apparent losses such as these will likely define Garrett's tenure with the Cowboys.

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drink pepsi

Here is the 'good' news for our Cowboys...

1) Romo only sucked when it really mattered. Other than that he was pretty good.

2) Wade Phillips will be available to coach this team next season.

3) When you're accustomed to losing, 8-8 feels pretty good.


So let's say Dallas wins out and winds up in the playoffs. They'll get creamed in the first round, of course, but Jerry will have enough to justify another year with Coach Process. I don't see that happening, however. The upcoming games with Washington and Philadelphia smell like a split to me, and the Cowboys finish the season 8-8 without making the playoffs. Say goodbye to "Red Jesus", as Galloway likes to call him.

Bob in Arlington

Let's see, Garrett is stunned on the sidelines with Romo's audibles, Romo reverts to jello in the 4th and Dez stomps off the field like a little child to cry in the locker room with 1:21 left to play.

Jerry acts like this can't be happening again.... after 16 years of shear mediocrity he's surprised????

The second half meltdowns for the Cowboys is like watching a continuing loop of the movie, "On Ground Hog Day."

And other teams 2nd and 3rd string QB's look like the second coming of Johnny Unitas when playing the D'boys.

But Jerry laughs all the way to the bank as the faithful keep over paying to sit and watch a comedy of errors.


Romo and Garrett should be gone. A playoff game would reverse my thoughts. But I don't see it. The shame of it is Romo isn't going anywhere. Romo got his pay day. Red is gonna get axed if he doesn't take this team, this year, to the playoffs.

Comedy Jokes

I can't wait for Mack Brown and Red to be gong from this state. I can't believe we are stuck with Tony Romo. What a blunder. What a massive mistake giving Romo enough money to bury this team for a very long time.

Ray Stanz

That game was a total joke. Red totally mismanaged the game and Romo was his typical putz self for throwing an int. Amazing collapse. Typical for this team but still amazing.


Why am I a Cowboys fan? This team is lousy and over paid. Garrett is not a head coach. Romo is more celebrity-wanna-be than quarterback. The game, this season, the "Romo Era" is a total joke. This franchise is lost. We need something. I wish we could dump Romo. I can't believe we are stuck with him. This is so painful. It makes me want to watch hockey.


This is the same story with different characters. The worst thing to happen to the Cowboys was winning the 94 SB. That set off delusional Jerry to thinking he could be the focal point for all the attention.
This story will repeat until the Cowboy lemmings stand up and financially choke Jerry out and publically humiliate him.
We have to start a groundswell ban all Cowboy ticket and merch.


Red has made his share of mistakes. He isn't a great coach. However he is better than what his record might suggest. You need great players and some luck to consistently win in the NFL. Red has some tools to work with. Frankly, I think a great coach could win more with what he has. That said, I think Romo has been a big disappointment. I have to think one of the biggest elements standing in Red's way is Jerry Jones. While Jerry doesn't suit up he is meddlesome. A real GM could improve the product on the field and know when to stay out of the way. I contend that having Jerry, who has a great business mind, is one significant element that keeps Red from being a little more effective. This team is close to being a disaster and close to winning 10 games a year. It would be a real holiday miracle of Jerry would wake up and step aside and let great football minds run the show.


Red is gone if this team doesn't make the playoffs. It's a shame they can't eject Romo off the planet with him.

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