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Cowboys Cold Truths: This started in the draft room

UnknownWhen the Dallas Cowboys drafted Travis Frederick, Gavin Escobar, Terrance Williams, Joseph Randle in the 2013 NFL draft it was because, as Cowboys vice president Stephen Jones said, the team felt like it had to focus on the offensive side of the ball because so much had already been spent on the defense, in terms of dollars and draft picks. 

Allow that to sink in and rest in your Cowboys brain for a moment. Now try not to be too sick. This defense - ranked No. 32 in the NFL - is as a result of the team focusing on the defense in recent years. Yes, injury has a role, but ... my God.

A defense that was horrible last year has managed to do the impossible and actually devolve to the point of embarrassment. This is not on Jason Garrett, or Monte Kiffin. It's on a series of drafts and player acquisitions that have either bombed, resulted in injury, or been overpaid.

7 players drafted; 5 defensive players
Morris Claiborne CB - Too early, but early results not good for sixth overall pick
Tyrone Crawford DL - Season-ending injury in training camp; would have been a factor
Kyle Wilber OLB/DE - JAG
Matt Johnson S - Never played; already cut
Caleb McSurdy ILB - Who?

8 players drafted; 2 defensive players
Bruce Carter LB - Looked great last year, was hurt and this year been a constant source of frustration.
Josh Thomas CB - Uhh ...

6 players drafted, 4 defensive players
Sean Lee LB - An All-Pro, when healthy
Akwasi Owusu-Ansah DB - Gone 
Jamar Wall DB - Gone
Sean Lissemore DT - Gone

12 players drafted, 7 defensive players
None of them made it. That this class was such a bust and contributed zero NFL players is a major reason this team is stuck. Three of those guys should have hit and done something.

6 players drafted; 6 defensive players
Mike Jenkins CB - Had some productive parts, but he should have been a two-contract player.
Orlando Scandrick CB - Developed into a nice player for a fifth-round pick.
Erik Walden LB - Cut but caught on eleshwere; plays for Colts.

Notice no mentioning of the massive contracts and expectations hoisted on Anthony Spencer, Jay Ratliff, free agent Brandon Carr and DeMarcus Ware. The Cowboys built their team, and hopes, on older guys with monster deals who were beyond, or on, the wrong side of 30 and were not developing quality players behind them.

"Next man up" makes for a nice slogan on a locker room wall, but if the player reading it does not have the skills to do the job - who cares?

The regular season is the most enjoyable, and productive, time of the calendar year for your Dallas Cowboys professional football club. The real horror show is about to begin - January through April, and player acquisition.

Unknown-2How/why does this keep happening? Why can't the blue and silver squirrel find an acorn - ever? 
There are not dumb football people that litter the Dallas Cowboys front office. Cowboys director of scouting Tom Ciskowski is a good football man who has a clear direction and idea of what he wants in a player. It doesn't mean he won't miss, but this is not some dummy.

The problem is more apparent than ever - Jerry Jones hires people he likes, respects, listens to, and then does whatever he wants despite whatever the reports he paid people to write. He writes the checks, so it's his right.

Alas, with three games remaining the NFC East title is still very much possible and because it is in the holiday season we should hold onto that like a child's hand crossing the street. We can't let go.

We can't because the real horror show is about to begin - the Senior Bowl, the Combine and the Draft.

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Rob Tentoy

But... but... I thought it was all Rob Ryan's fault

Reggie in Arlington

We looked aweful last night but I still think we make the playoffs. We have too much offense. Kiffin has to be gone. He is a good coach but has the wrong scheme for this team. No question we need to find players ANYWHERE but a more traditional scheme with minimal expectations is where it's at for our Cowboys. All that said, Romo needs to strap this team on his back, open it up a ton, and know the defense is going to suck. We won't win out but we will get enough done to make the post season. Write it down. Cowboys have a date with the post season.

Bob in Arlington

I once met a CPA that had worked for Nelson and Bunker Hunt who had gone broke. When asked how it happened, he said; "the difference between the Bass brothers and the Hunt brothers, is that both hire the best and brightess men to help run their businesses, the difference is that the Bass brothers listen to those who work for them."

I firmly believe that Jerry Jones has a big heart, wants to win, will spend anything he thinks will help, but, his ego is so huge that he only hires those that will listen to him and him only.

This team is not very good and has so many holes that it will never be more than a middle of the road team.

Mac is right it all starts with the draft board and we all know who runs that.

New Zoo Review

I don't know how but I believe. Maybe it's just that time of year where we 'believe' and have hope. I think we do go to the playoffs. We have the offense and our defense seems to be hit or miss on a good night. That said, our remaining schedules looks promising; Packers, Redskins, Eagles. If Aaron Rogers is back I don't see us winning but who knows. The Redskins seem ripe. They are a mess right now. Of our remaining games, I'm penciling this one is a win. Gotta be a win. Lastly, if we were playing in Philly against our beloved Eagles I would say 'no way' we see the post season. However, as we are hosting the birds for the last game of the season you have to believe we will be in this one. We have the offense. The Eagles aren't the 1985 Bears or the 2013 Bears. We can win this one. That's two wins. We can do this. Write it down. For the record I say we go to the post season this year no matter how bad we got beat in Chicago last night.


The Cowboys are ruled by the "Cult of Personality"...players and coaches are signed based upon their back story, not whether they can produce.

Kenneth Jones

I have been rooting for the Cowboys for almost 50 years, but, honestly, this defense is the most embarrassing collection that I have ever witnessed. It makes every quarterback we face look like Peyton Manning.

coach jones

This team is giving mediocrity a bad name.


The Cowboys are what they are, WANNABES

rex in fort worth

The only thing this game was lacking was a Tony Romo interception late in the game. Its a good thing the defense gave this away well in advance. The letter "D" should be removed the word "Dallas".

Mad in Dallas

I can live with this loss. I don't like it but I can live with it. I can live with our defense not being good. What I can't live with is Tony Romo not putting up huge numbers the majority of games. Romo got all the money not our defense. Romo has the skills (we hope) to put up tons of points. Manning has put up tons of points with little talent some years. Brady has gotten lots of points in years when he was the only offensive weapon his team. Brees has done the same thing. Romo has never done it. He drained all the money out of this team. He needs to put up huge points. Our defense can blow if Romo can score again and again. The troubling thing here is that Romo probably isn't that guy. Romo, sadly, probably won't ever be that guy. Time will tell. But the problem is not our inept defense. Our offense is where we spent the money. It needs to win more than 8 games a season. Jeeeeeeeeezzzzz!

Isn't this Philly's Rebuilding Year?

New Zoo Review -

Isn't Philly better on the road than they are at home? Currently they have an undefeated starting QB 6-0 including the 1 start he had last season, and the number one rusher in the league, as well as the 3rd ranked offense. They don't have a good defense, though they are improving significantly (ranked #13 in points allowed).

I would think Philly is more of a threat than Green Bay, tbh.

Just sayin'.

John webb

Somewhere in the Keys, is Jimmy smiling, hanging his head, or just does not care.

BB in Big D

Nbts hit it on the head. Way too much weight is given to "celebrity" when making personnel choices. Hire a real GM and a lot of that can be fixed.

Cow Bells

I agree with "Mad in Dallas"

"Mad" is right.

We spent a ton on Romo. He needs to put up more points despite any and all our offense is lacking.

Manning has had years where his team isn't too great and he still wins. But Manning isn't the only one; Brees, Brady, and others.

Romo isn't responsible for the loss last night but if we don't make the playoffs the fault is surely with him.

Romo got all the money. Romo needs to be the one to out score other teams including Chicago on a cold Monday night.

Worth a Winston

Bad loss. The Kiffin era is over. Good guy. Nice coach. Wrong scheme. Next.

I sure do hope we draft or develop some defense. The league favors scoring and offense but we were awful last night.

I can see how struggling offenses would be excited to play us.

I still think we win our hapless division.


I'm a bit of a draft junkie and generally watch/listen from pick 1 to the end every year. The thing that always strikes me about the Cowboys is that they don't make the obvious picks. I'm not exactly sure why, but I suspect it's because Jerry thinks he knows more than the scouts and coaches. This year it wasn't just the whole first round fiasco of passing on Sharrif Floyd and trading out getting fleeced by the 49er's (who took Eric Reid), but then drafting a tight end and a receiver in the second and third when there were obvious holes in the trenches on both sides of the ball. When the draft is over I'm always scratching my head wondering, "what were they thinking?"


Stop going to the games cowboy fans! Season tix holders, enter the stadium in the 2nd quarter!! Don't give jerrah any money!!! wAKE UP!!!

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