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Dear Houston Texans, learn from Jerry's mistake

UnknownA team that was expected to contend for the AFC title has fired its head coach - the Houston Texans dumped Gary Kubiak the morning after an embarrassing loss against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The following is legit - former Dallas Cowboys head coach and current Texans interim head coach Wade Phillips is a candidate for the full time job in Houston.

Oh, Bubba, nooooooooooooo.

That Uncle Wade even has a prayer to be a head coach yet again is more proof the men who own teams simply do not learn from other's mistakes. When he was hired by the Texans as their defensive coordinator in 2011, the stats came - specifically for defensive end J.J. Watt - and eventually so did the losses.

Wade will charm you with his aw-shucks style, and be more agreeable than your neighbor's grandmother, and he can recite every single positive statistic that his team has ever achieved but this is not a head coach. He will be able to tell you that he is 82-61 as an NFL head coach, and provide every excuse why he is 1-5 in the playoffs.

The problem is you want to see a man with this personality win a Super Bowl, but there is a reason so few ever have.

Wade is as nice and as gentle of a man who has ever coached in the NFL, but he is also the least confrontational man who ever lived. When he was the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys, he readily admitted that he was a "softy". He would rather eat cat poop than break bad news to a player.

Jj-watt-wade-phillipsIn 2010, the Cowboys opened 1-7 when Wade was fired by Jerry Jones. That the team finished winning 5 of its final eight games that season under Jason Garrett should have been a career-defining indictment on Wade's ability to be a head coach.

He treated his players like men, who once they realized that were only too happy to turn around and behave like teenage boys. They did not respect him.

Wade is a decent, good man but those traits seldom mean that he will be a good NFL head coach. He isn't. 

Houston, keep looking.



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