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Do not blame Baylor for the Fiesta Bowl ticket "crisis"

Hats off to the good people of Baylor who follow the Bears' football program, and more specifically the fans who extended their middle finger to the scam artists who run the BCS and the bowl games.

Baylor reportedly has returned 5,000 tickets to the Fiesta Bowl of the 17,000 it had to buy. The school has reportedly said it sold 11,000 tickets, and kept an additional 1,000 on hand. A sincere kudos to the Baylor people who want no part of this garbage game.

This is not a Baylor problem. This is a BCS problem. On, there are 4,200 tickets for the Fiesta Bowl available, beginning at $16. Parking passes start at $17. It will cost more to park your car than to watch the game.

Baylor-bears-cheerleaders-9-e1332267044754Baylor v. Central Florida is a ticket to a blowout. UCF is not going to Boise State the BCS. The Bears are 16.5 point favorites. Baylor fans should not have to pay extra to watch this pre-arranged dog, since the Bears' non-conference schedule is already designed to do that.

Other than the Rose and Sugar Bowls, the rest are the same. It all comes down to location, matchup; the combination of Phoenix and Bears v. UFC ain't worth the hassle, or money.

People are finally rising up against the BCS cartel, having recognized that just because it says 'BCS' means it's not that much bigger of a deal than the Pinkalicious Bowl in Grand Rapids. The prices are just higher.

The four-team playoff coming next year will most assuredly fix the attendance problems; had Baylor v. UCF been a playoff game, Baylor would not be returning a single ticket.

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I am a UCF fan and alum and I really think you should give our school a little bit more respect that we deserve, our team is not some bunch of scrubs, the UCF Knights are going to play their hearts out on January 1 and just overlooking them is not wise.

Rob Tentoy

David, don't even try. Mac is a hack and doesn't even get respect in DFW. People only read this blog to see what sort of ridiculous garbage he'll say.


It's way past time to tear down the BCS as well as the non-BCS bowl system and replace it with something that looks more like a playoff. Does anyone really want to see the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl? How about a 7-6 Tulane team taking on Lafayette in the New Orleans Bowl? No wonder they can't sell tickets. I'm an avid college football fan and even I can't stomach most of the bowl matchups this year. I don't want to see a pair of 7-5 teams go at each other even if they are Michigan and Kansas State. Their programs are down and they don't belong in a bowl. Eliminate one regular season game and go to an 8-team playoff system. There will be better games and there will be a champion crowned on the field.

Rob Tentoy

As for the content of this post... HOGWASH!

While I agree that the BCS is shite and very few people will miss it, Baylor deserves no pass. For multiple reasons.

1) Say what you will about the Fiesta Bowl, but this is the biggest bowl game for Baylor since the LAST time they won an outright conference championship - 1980 (where they were then humiliated by Alabama 30-2 in the 1981 Cotton Bowl). Yeah, this might be a scam, but Baylor wants to be a big boy team in a big boy conference, they need to act like it. Gotta play the game if you want to be taken seriously.

2) Baylor folks have money. This isn't some commuter school. They (and you) can claim they are "taking a stand" but what it looks like is that they are cheap. And yeah, you can go ahead and buy your cheap brokered tickets (which implies that there isn't any demand there either) but by not buying through the school you make it look like Baylor fans are lame AND you end up taking money out of Baylor's pocket (since they have to pay for all those tickets whether they sell or not). That ain't gonna help keep ticket prices for your home games low.

3) When TCU went to the Fiesta Bowl. They sold out their allotment and asked for more. Did they get mugged? Yeah, sure they did. So what. And meanwhile, before, during, and after, many Baylor (and media folks) disparaged TCU for their small fan base and poor attendance and not being in a real conference... blah, blah, blah. Yeah, well, put up or shut up Baylor fans. You can't deride other schools for being small time and then not stepping up when it's your turn.

4) Appearance is everything in college football. If you look like a apathetic, small fanbase, the world of college football will treat you that way. The BCS may be going away, but the 4 team playoff is still going to leave a lot of teams on the outside looking in. Baylor would most likely not be in that playoff if it was in place this year anyway, so really, that's not even a valid argument for this case.

Finally, trying to claim that Baylor fans refusing to pay high prices for tickets is some sort of awesome rebellion is garbage. The "fans" are actually a big part of the problem. Every year, fans count down the number of wins needed to be "bowl eligible." Will we be bowl eligible this year? Now, Baylor gets bowl eligible and gets an invite. If they don't accept it, because they know it's really just a big scam, the fans would go nuts with anger. "They're cheating the kids!" "We're losing extra practice time!" "Bowl games mean we're successful!"
Seriously. How much rage would Baylor fans have expressed had the school just told the BCS to stick it?
So, they take the invite but those same fans balk at paying which hurts Baylor's bottom line (as well as their own image and the Big12's as well).
Damned if they do, damned if they don't.

No, there is nothing to be proud of here. The fans want success without cost and enable the whole process, even if it is just by watching the games on TV. The schools know full well that they'll be tarred and feathered if they don't play along. Meanwhile, the Bowl Committees get their money whether they fans buy the tickets or not.


To Rob,
You are FOS! Mac is one of the most respected commentators in the state. Just because you don't like the truth, don't even try to speak for the rest of us. Baylor against UCF is a joke and everyone knows it. Good bye BCS


i see ucf is already whining


scrubs would be kind to you. BU will beat you by 40

santa baby

This article sucks. I hate reading this trite crap.

Rob Tentoy

Dan, that was one of the funniest things I've read all week. You must also believe Craig James to be an intelligent and talented broadcaster/politician/anything.
I mean, you can't be serious, right? This is the guy who said, last year, that the Cowboys should trade for Tim Tebow. Saying they should sign a free agent Tebow would be ludicrous enough... but TRADE?!!?!?
Search for "Mac Engel" and stupid/idiot/etc, you'll find plenty. Just to be fair, I searched for Mac and "intelligent" and still found articles mocking his reasoning abilities. People all over the country had a field day with his ludicrous "sabermetrics" piece over the summer.
He might be better than his wife, but "respected" is not a term most people would include in a sentence with "Mac Engel."

As for UCF... yeah, Baylor will probably stomp them. But you know what? Who knows. But does that really mean UCF fans should just quietly sit there and be overlooked and ridiculed in a blog article that isn't even really about whether UCF is good or not?

Besides, I wouldn't call this game a lock. A terrible TCU team with a crummy QB nearly beat this juggernaut of a Bears team... and probably would have had Casey Pachall not turned in a performance that makes Tony Romo just look like a guy with bad luck.

Ft Lauderdale Knight

What a loser mentality! Had this been against any other b12 TX or OK team, the stadium would have been a sell-out in the first week. Also, the play-off is only 4 teams. I do not see how Baylor would have been one of them. As for UCF, we would have done well in the b12 this season. How well? I'll tell you on January 2. If UCF got the sugar bowl or Orange bowl we would have sold out as well... even if we got Baylor NIU or Fresno as an opponent.


With BU's lack of big bowl experience as a member of the Big 12 you would think they would buy up every ticket.


Trust me, UCF and their fans are as thrilled to be playing the Bears in the Fiesta Bowl as Baylor fans are to be playing the Knights. If it weren't for NIU blowing it in the MAC championship, UCF would be playing in front of more fans at the Sugar Bowl and against a far superior Alabama.


Thank goodness we don't have to put up the BCS after this year. Good riddence.

What a slap in the face to Baylor.

Rob Tentoy

Awww poor disrespected Baylor... sniff sniff... Baylor, who until 2010 hadn't had a winning season in 13 seasons or a bowl appearance in 15 seasons and 2011 was the first year since 1986 that the Bears ended the year as a ranked team. You might remember that until that 2010 team (and Saint RGIII), Baylor was tied with Duke for the longest active BCSAQ streak of not going to a bowl game. Duke. Yeah.

Face it, Baylor really hasn't done much to warrant the respect some of you think they deserve. They were a laughing stock of college football. Baylor is really at about the level of "BCS Buster" respect and you got rewarded the same way 2 UNDEFEATED teams ranked #4 and #6 in the country were rewarded. Guess what, this Fiesta Bowl, like the 2010 Fiesta Bowl is what amounts to the BCS System's "Kids' Table"

And not trying to knock UCF. But hey, they've only been a FBS team since 2002 so their lack of respect is largely due to the fact they aren't a program that has been playing football since 1896, like their Fiesta Bowl opponent.

Cal, Fort Worth

Everybody knows The Big Mac is not a journalist. He loves TCU and any other local program to say as much. Baylor is a world class program. The Big Mac is just a homer and not so much a journalist.


In case you haven't noticed, the BcS has used the Fiesta bowl bowl match the teams they deem to be unworthy, but which by rule must be invited to a BcS bowl. Can't think of two teams that deserve this ignominy more.


Mac- you are going to look kind of silly to your other two readers when UCF beats Baylor.

Rob Tentoy

Cal, TCU fans think he's a hack too. He's not well liked in those circles either.


We will have 20-25k fan there. At least half of the BU fans bought from the secondary market. I know lots of people going and not one of them bought through the school when you can buy a ticket on Stub Hub for $100 less, that is why we only sold 12K though Baylor. This is also why bowl attendance smack is terrible, its about how many actually go to the game. People in Arizona are already saying that the town is full of Baylor people and the game is still several days away. Sorry TCU fans we will still have more people there than you did. Enjoy watching from home.

gerru mcmenamy

I have a filly buried in my back yard. Her name is: HINDSIGHTISBETTER. All we have to do is wait and see what the rachet jawing is all about. Baylor & Oregon probably have been a better match. Baylor fan.


To Rob,
Not surprised to find out that you're a TCU fan. TCU (#pathetic) has spent the last 15 years whining about not getting an invite to the Big 12. I mean, they're like the ex-girlfriend who just can't accept the fact that you and your new girlfriend have moved on. I've never seen a school spend that much energy hating another school because they were over-looked. That's why I take your comments with a grain of salt. Get a life...T-CUloser


Baylor should be playing Alabama in the Sugar Bowl. The BCS and non-BCS bowl match-up system is a disgrace that sets up blowouts in the name of money. All schools are victimized from one year to the next, other than Notre Dame and the other very few biggest money programs. Every year, money is the only common denominator that makes sense in figuring out these match-ups. Baylor beat OU 41-12, but because of a smaller fanbase, has to play a lower ranked team than the Sooners.

Rob Tentoy

Hey B.Y.... got news for ya... we've hated Baylor for about a century... other than Toby's Business College/School, TCU-Baylor are basically twins: they started about the same time and in the same town. First played in 1899 and now have 109 meetings in the books. They hated each other long before the Big12 was even an idea.
I grew up watching SWC football and there was anything but love between the two teams.
So when Baylor gets the lifeline and TCU doesn't and then proceeds to become one of the worst teams in Division 1 football, all the while acting high and mighty towards inferior TCU.
And your condescending post just adds to my point. Currently, Baylor is down by 8 to UCF at the half. I think they'll probably pull it out (like the Aggies against Duke), but let's face it, unless Baylor goes insane and ends up burying UCF in the second half by a huge margin, they still look like a "meh" team. Sure they won the Big12 this year, but thyat's largely due to Okie State, a team that destroyed Baylor, having major meltdowns at just the wrong time. Could've gone the other way and Baylor would just be another runner up at some no name bowl. Some crummy bowl that 3 years ago would have been the greatest thing in the world since they hadn't been to one since 1994.
Look, if you want to dispute any fact I've laid out here and give me concrete REASONS why anything I've said is nothing but sour grapes. Until then, sucks to BU.

Rob Tentoy

Um, JessC... facts in the case: Big12 champ (in this case Baylor) goes to the Fiesta bowl. That's a contactual commitment. Baylor never had a shot at the Sugar Bowl. Period. It was NEVER going to happen. Even if Baylor hadn't won the conference, they probably wouldn't have been taken as an at-large.
UCF plays in the American Athletic Conference (formerly Big East) which is a BCS automatic qualifying conference. Their conference has no contractual tie-in, so they have to get selected. The Rose fulfilled its contractual with the Pac & B10 champs. The Orange & Sugar had the picks before the Fiesta, and so they chose in their best interests. UCF was not, in their estimations, the best pick and so they passed. This means that the Fiesta was forced to take UCF since they were an automatic qualifier as the champ of the AmAth.

So, yeah Baylor, congrats on getting screwed by the system that has been screwing over little guys everywhere since its inception.


Bet you Baylor hard-ons regret your stupid comments now.

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