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Gary Patterson not taking anything back

1sF5Dt.St.58TCU coach Gary Patterson has been silent to us evil media since his team’s season-ending loss against Baylor on Nov. 30. Busy recruiting, re-making his offensive staff, and his team's offensive philosophy. He's already watching tape of Minnesota, and planned to watch the Texas Tech bowl game.

Gary was nice enough to give me a call for a larger column that will run soon in the Star-Telegram shortly; of the many topics covered in the 45-minute conversation were his comments made immediately after the game against Baylor.

Click here to re-visit Gary's post-game comments that made national news.

It is not normal GP go off - he's done it maybe three times since he took over as head coach at TCU in December of 2000.

He did it once after his team defeated Texas Tech in 2006, basically calling out the flawed BCS system and it resulted in nation wide attention.
Gary popped a few days after his team lost against SMU in 2011, which he later admitted error and apologized to Ponies coach June Jones.

He is not seeking a do over in regards to his postgame comments after the Baylor game.

130520154220-gary-patterson-top-single-image-cut“I’m not talking about that any more,” he said. “People can take it however they want. You say what you say and you move on. Everybody has their own opinion on it. That’s behind us.”

He meant what he said. 
He ain't apologizing.
He's done with it.

Part of the backlash at Patterson was the timing - Baylor coach Art Briles was coaching the game shortly after learning of the death of his brother. Sorry, when Art coached the game he coached the game, which has zero to do with the personal tragedy that his family endured.

Gary's comments were not about Briles' personal life. They were made about a player - safety Ahmad Dixon's behavior. Gary should have been mad at Dixon's actions during that game.

My only knock wasn't that Gary said it, but rather the timing made him sound like a poor sport who would not have made these comments had his team won. His comments trumped what was a great game.

But you can imagine, as Randy Galloway wrote in November, the Baylor and TCU people will not forget Gary's comments when TCU plays at Baylor on Oct. 11, 2014.

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Patterson would make a great hire for Middle Tenn. Same coaching mind set.

Big12 frog

@truthhurts. - funny, will you be on the street corner doing your stand up tonight..


Patterson needs to check himself before he wrecks himself. The "Genius" that is Gary Patterson is slowly wearing off. He needs some real winning seasons soon. The Rose Bowl and magic of Andy Dalton is fading. Time to win.


A few more shots on TV showing an empty stadium will result in a coach being fired. It is that simple.

The Janitor

The should remake the movie Johnny Be Good and base the remake on the idiot, Gary P. None.

"Who wants to get a mean on? Get a mean on son. Let me see you get a mean on son. Now who wants it? I want to know, who wants this? Who wants to get a mean on? Who wants it? Let's go!"


The fact that you continue to give "Huffy" this attention and
seem to attempt to rationalize his ridiculous behavior says a lot about you, too, Mac. Come on, admit it. Like Patterson, you continue to hold a grudge against Baylor. That's high school stuff and both of you should let it go and move on. Get TCU winning again based on their perennial good defense and a new offensive scheme and there shouldn't be any need to hate on rivals any more.
Happy New Year to you and TCU.


Got to laugh about the article! It's an article about someone saying "Move on it's said and done". But somehow a 368 word article was written. As far as what occurred everyone seems to be mad at GP still but no one will admit Dixon or Briles were in the wrong. Got to love that! If Briles emotions created his laps of judgement on the field it didn't show in his ability to coach. So please write about something newsworthy like how Tech played last night or maybe the end of Brown's career at UT?


I love GP but he needs to get his act together, start recruiting better kids, and win some ball games. He is becoming a bit of a prima donna.

Rob Tentoy

Stuff I'm seeing on national comment threads during tonight's Fiesta Bowl Embarrassment indicate there are quite a few people who find Baylor to be undisciplined and thuggish.

mr todd

G Pat has got himself in some hot water. Baylor fans will be on him like white on rice. Even though I'm a Baylor grad I've always liked GP. But he stepped in it this time!

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