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Icemaggedon tragedy - Starbucks is closing early

IMG_3159FORT WORTH, Texas - Capitalism and our endless desire to "go green" is supposed to defeat everything up to and including your God and our Mother Nature, but the Ice is winning. This is a blowout.

In what historians are already calling "A Weather Instant Classic" the Great Ice Storm of 2013 that has brought all of Fort Worth/dallas to its little boney knees has crippled the indestructable - Starbucks.

While weather forecasters hi-five and celebrate their own greatness, we peasants are left to huddle and pray that this ice will cease yet still brave the elements in the name of getting the hell out of the house, or buy another cup of $4.50 coffee. As much as Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz cares about all of us and wants us to get our fix, not even he is strong enough to get the supply trucks to his stores.

In Fort Worth, this Starbucks is closing at 10 a.m. on Saturday. A.M. as in morning. This place is open on Christmas, Thanksgiving, 4th of July, Arbor Day and Hug Your Ex-Husband's Killer Day but the Ice is having its way on the stores.

As you can see from these Ansel Adams-quality photographs, this place has been cleaned out. There is no food. A fridge that is normally crammed with milk is empty. It's like a scene from The Walking Dead, only far worse.

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