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It's official - FIFA hates the United States, too

326176-12171997-640-360Because we are in the time of giving, and the United States needs money, the men's national soccer team is better off accepting a bribe gift from Qatar rather than appear in the 2014 World Cup. Seriously - Qatar is busy spending billions on its World Cup event, so why not just sell the '14 invite to the Qatar team for a few hundred million?

Today, to great international expectation, the field of 32 for the '14 World Cup was announced and FIFA extended its middle finger to the boys who wear red and white.

I don't even know anything about futbol soccer to know that this thing is done. We as a nation did a horrible job in our "donations" this holiday season to FIFA, an organization that loves under-the-table-money more than Congress.

The U.S. is in the "Group of Death", which is now known as "We Hate Americans."

Group G

Reaching the Round of 16? Most of us will be thrilled if the U.S. makes it to the second half of its opening match on the pitch.

The U.S. will open with Ghana.

As crushing as it is to see the US of A handed this wretched draw, it's always great to watch a little nil-nil World Cup action, mostly for the utter druken chaos that ensues this event.

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Spoken like a true IGNORANT AND ARROGANT American


Just hush, do you even have any reading comprehension? Do you know why he called the grouping the Group of Death?


What Mac really wants is soccer's version of three teams of Washington Generals in the USA group.


What Mac really wanted was Soccer's version of three teams of Washington Generals.

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