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Johny Hendricks should be a UFC champion in March

20130317084136_IMG_4650This is not the way it should be, but it's the way it's going to be - Johny Hendricks is going to have to win the belt again. He already "defeated" defending title holder Georges St. Pierre in UFC 167 but the judges gave the nod to the Canadian in a controversial (awful?) decision.

Now GSP announced on Friday afternoon on a conference call with the media that he was stepping away from UFC to address his personal life, and will give up his welterweight belt. He sounds like he is flirting with retiring, but left the door open to return to UFC as the challenger.

UFC president Dana White said that the title fight to claim GSP's belt will on March 15 in Dallas at the American Airlines Center between Hendricks and Robbie Lawler.

Home field advantage to Bigg Rigg, who should win that fight and claim the belt that should already be in his possession.

Hendricks was the superior fighter against arguably the sport's top opponent, and by many accounts won that fight in November. He said in the octagon after that fight that it was "his belt".

Barring a massive upset (or another bad decision), that belt should be his in March.

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Because of the judging criteria in place with the unified rules, it would have been a controversial decision regardless of who won. Even though GSP had his face rearranged in the second round, you can build a case that he won three of the other rounds. That and the fact that if GSP was that badly hurt, Hendricks should have been able to finish it. Don't get me wrong, I like Hendricks. But it is not necessarily true that he was robbed. You have to change the rules and the judging criteria after the fact in order to build that case.

Moving on, Lawler is no can. He has a lot of power, and a lot of experience. Lawler is tough. It is not a given that Hendricks will win this fight. Both men will bring their "A Game".

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