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Jon Daniels is full of it, Vol. XXIV

BaqOV0HCcAAOQCk.jpg-largeARLINGTON, Texas - Can't get over this photo of the general manager of the Texas Rangers - he looks like a third grader who is sitting behind the teacher's table.

Jon Daniels was adressing the Evil Media on Wednesday at the Ballpark about his busy offseason, and the prospect of doing anything during the upcoming Baseball Winter Meetings next week in Orlando. Daniels said little, and did what all good GM's must do at this time of year - lie through his teeth.

I asked Daniels if the Rangers inquired about the possibility of New York Yankees free agent Robinson Cano, to which it sounds like there was some interest but Daniels said, "Infield is a low priority."

He may be telling the truth on that.

With spring training still months away, I asked Daniels with the 40-man roster does he feel like he has a starting lineup right now. He said yes.

That is a load.

This means they are planning to open with Geovany Soto at catcher. And Mitch Moreland at DH.
Below is what they would likely open the 2014 season on Opening Day.

Leonys Martin C
Elvis Andrus SS
Adrian Beltre 3B
Prince Fielder 1B
Alex Rios RF
Michael Choice LF 
Jurickson Profar 2B
Mitch Moreland DH
Geovany Soto C
Yu Darvish P

This team is not done adding players, and specifically starters. Or it better not be.

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Rob Tentoy

I guess since Wonder Boy was still in grade school back before the Rangers started showing any real signs of ever making the playoffs, he doesn't realize that the strategy of "get a bunch of free agents that probably cost way too much and let's be sure to get as many sluggers as possible" has already been tried and failed in Rangers' history.


yeah but he has a pitching staff to go with those hitters and he has gotten them to two WS and won 90 games four years in a row so cut JD a break all you haters so he is young so was everyone once

Bob in Arlington

Wow, Bryan, I grant you your right to free speech under the Constitution but just because someone disagrees with Daniel's strategy to build from without the Texas Ranger All World Minor league system, dosen't mean we are Ranger "haters."

I too, question the 'kids' wisdom, and I know he's no kid, when it comes to the reaches he makes into every other teams castoffs, retirees or malcontents.

The starting lineup Mac professes displays only 3 home grown talent pieces.

And, I disagree with your statement about the pitching staff's potential. We have had a fruit basket turnover of starters, middle relief and closers ever since Daniels hit town. Pitchers tire and wilt here in the late summer heat, they don't prosper.

Two trips to the World Serious and 90 wins don't get you a Pennant as World's Champs.... or an automatic return to an AL West top dog.

I dislike the owners moves on Ryan, it was cheap and more Jones' "Landry like" than professional. I suspect there maybe a Centerfield statue for sale next?

I go down as not being a Washington fan either, we need a change there to more discipline than best friends approach to management.

But that's just my two cents.

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