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Mac Genius: Saints -3 at home is tasty

Ee174d10ee2e313d0acd8bf95a59c6b2Over the last two years I have picked five games each week against the line to see how smart I is. I begin the season with $50 of Monopoly money and fake bet a $10 on five pro/college games. In two football seasons, I am +190!

2011: +110
2012: +80 (the Super Bowl pro bets bailed me out from a season of financial ruin and depression)

Last results: 4-1. One word: Large
This season: 31-25-5.

Most recent picks
1. Duke (-6.5) at Wake Forest. DUKE. WIN
2. Wisconsin (-16.5) at Minnesota. GOPHERS. WIN
3. Baylor (-9) at Oklahoma State. COWBOYS. WIN
4. Cowboys at New York Giants (-2.5). COWBOYS. WIN
5. Colts at Cardinals (-2.5). COLTS. LOSS

This week's picks
1. Oklahoma at Oklahoma State (-10). T BOONE. I'm a believer.
2. Missouri v. Auburn (-2). MIZZOU. A guess that Auburn's luck will run out.
3. Michigan State v. Ohio State (-5.5). BUCKEYES. They've been good at this all season.
4. Colts at Bengals (-6). COLTS. Colts are struggling but those points are too tempting.
5. Panthers at Saints (-3). SAINTS. This is a timing deal.

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J. Myers

Nice picks! You had a good week! Let's be Facebook friends!

turista least you didn't lose all of them this week

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