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Mack Brown quit before he was fired

ImagesChip Brown of is reporting that Texas head coach Mack Brown is stepping down.

[ UPDATE - Mack Brown is denying this report. Click here for his denial of the report. ]

Brown told 

"I'm in Florida recruiting. If I had decided to step down I sure wouldn't be killing myself down here. I have not decided to step down."

It should be noted that Brown reported UT AD DeLoss Dodds was stepping down, which he denied, only to eventually step down.

After UT plays Oregon in the Alamo Bowl, Brown's tenure in Austin as the head coach will end after 16 seasons.

There seldom - like never - is a nice way for these things to end and with the staggering amount of money floating in football and men's college basketball we simply do not tolerate losing any more. Had UT defeated Baylor on Saturday in Waco to win the Big 12 Brown's tenure may have continued, but apparently too many big timers in Austin were tired of the mediocrity.

This was the right time; this decision had to be made right now, or else it would have killed these vitals following weeks of recruiting.

In the end, Brown was yet another victim of the success he created. Texas football is the cash monster largely because of Mack Brown. He obviously realized that despite the rich and powerful in Austin he had made friends were not enough. It was time to go.

Brown was 158-47 in 16 years in Austin with a national title and another national title game appearance.

It happens to all of them - Joe Paterno, long before the Gerry Sandusky scandal, Bobby Bowden, etc. It's simply a matter of time, and whether the head coach wants to get out before he gets got.

Too bad it ended this way, but in short time he will be welcome back and lionized in Austin. If Ohio State could welcome back Jim Tressel to celebrate his achievements and overlook the NCAA sanctions he brought to that program, UT should build Mack a statue.


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Mike is reporting that Nick Saban is finalizing an extension with Alabama that pay him in the range of $7 million annually.

frog & toad together

saban is gone. welcome to texas boys! nick saban is the next coach at texas

L Knight

Don't think Nick Saban will leave Bama. Is it possible that Urban would, however, leave the B-eyes for Texas? Might have a better chance to land a Pac-12 coach; UCLA or Stanford.

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