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Mad props to the weather forecasters

603447_349878511758612_339438903_nSince we bash and hate on them when they are wrong, we should allow a little equal time when they are right. The greater FW/d weather forecasters dun did good, at.

All week all of the greater FW/d weather forecasters lustily predicted and projected weather disaster for North Texas. Like so many of us, I have grown weary of the panic-attack projections of our demise via weather; I poked fun at the weathermen/weatherwomen of the world with this over-the-top blog and hope that meteorologists put money behind their predictions.

(Holy God, did I pick on the wrong part of a TV newsroom to have fun with.)

They got this one right.

The world is indeed ending. Ice. Rain. Sleet. Cold weather. Wind. Wind chill. We are indeed in some form of Dante's hell.

School closings. Office closings. Delays. Cars that spin out. Grocery stores that are sold out of milk and eggs. We are talking local TV ratings bonanza. When local TV affiliates cut into the respective morning shows based in New York City, you know it's big.

To the likes of the fearless weather people including my good friend Jennifer Myers of Fox 4 KDFW, Dan Henry (Fox 4), Pete Delkus (WFAA), David Frinfrock (NBC 5) et all - we salute you. You got it right. You have leverage - ask for a raise.

In the immortal words of my former boss, Mr. Mitchell Krugell - "Hey, thanks for doing your job."

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steve Dennis

why do you purposely leave out my man Mowry? Do you just hate CBS 11...or do you just hate Mr. Mowry? damn Mac.

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