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Passion does not equal a free pass for Dez Bryant the second time this season, Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant really did quit on the game before the game was over.

The first was in Detroit, where he blew up because he cared so much and he got into it with Jason Witten. Witten was mad because Dez threw a fit after the Lions scored the game-winning TD with only seconds left. Witten's point was, the game isn't over, we need you.

At least Dez stayed on the field then. On Sunday, with roughly 90 seconds remaining against the Green Bay Packers, Dez just walked to the locker room. By himself. Yes, the game was essentially over and all the Packers needed to do was execute Victory Formation to end yet another historic Cowboys collapse.

Dez told reporters today at the team's annual visit to children's hospitals he simply did not want to cry on the sidelines in full view of 100,000 people and a national TV audience. Dez broke down in the locker room.

Lumberg-office-space_320Dez was mad. Guess what? Join the club. How bad would it have looked had the teammates joined him on his exodus? (cue the they had already quit at halftime joke.)

No one can dispute this man's passion, care, want-to, intensity or desire to win. But enough is enough - those attributes do not excuse stupid. Leaving the sidelines before the game is over is just that - stupid.

Having defended Dez from Day 1 and firmly believing that he would mature into a good player, it's with some disgust to say - enough. Passion is not a license to act like a baby.

This is not middle school, or high school, football. You are paid six-figures to be a professional. Professionals don't leave the game, and pros keep their emotions in check. Do your job. Part of your job is to deal with it - good or bad - when the game is ongoing. Yes, even an NFL game has a little of "Office Space" in it.

The Cowboys can't win without this guy, and while few can dispute his intentions the execution remains a work in progress.

Passion is great, but it's not a get out of jail free card to stupid.

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Randy Frame

I think the man may have a chemical imbalance. Natural or enhanced, I don't know.

Bob in Arlington

There's no crying in Pro Football!

Dez is an emotional joke. One minute he's heads in the game and the next minute he's a head-case playing like a 5th grader.

Dez is paid like a pro and shouldn't embar'ass' his teammates by quitting on them to go cry in the locker room.

Man up Dez or go home!

Opposing defensive players know how to get into Dez's head by getting in his face.

He will NEVER make all pro, there are way to many better receivers in the Pro game that act like Pro's.

Trade him now... or get him a Marine Drill Sargent for a babysitter.

Mail Mouse

Correction in your article; Dez makes seven figures, not six.

Dez is a great receiver. How can you not like his height, strength, hands, speed.... He is a better receiver than Romo is QB.

I can tolerate his antics because he is good. No way I trade this guy. I wish he behaved differently but he is a solid receiver. As soon as his game slips he will be out of the game like Ocho Cinco, Terrell Owens, and all the rest of the nut jobs like him.


Dez cares too much. And he is a super star. You have to give a man like this a break.


When Romo gets forced into desperate passing situations at the end of games, I wish he'd look in the direction of Dez. With his size and big hands if the ball is anywhere near him, he'll come down with it even when he's covered. Little 5'8" Cole Beasley is not the answer in crunch time.

Boo on Dez

Dez doing this typifies what this team is all about; losing and losing with no class. A real man, a man with conviction, would never do this. Winning rights a lot of wrongs but this team hasn't even sniffed winning. Dez walking off the field and pouting is pathetic. I can't wait for us to lose to the Redskins.

brian  crawford

jerry just doesnt get it, signing bad boy knuckleheads like dez and T.O. does nothing but disrupt team progress.

blue, silver, white

I love our Boyz heart passion pride. This is the NFL. You put it all out there or you go home. Ain't no shame in giving your all and being mad about losing. I support our squad and will be cheering our guys to make the playoffs. WE CAN DO IT!!!!

lilly c.

It is what it is. Dez is only one bad example of a day filled with them. Let's face it; the games are about winning and while Dallas lost on Sunday (and Dez behaved badly) it still has a chance to make the playoffs. As far as I am concerned, this time of the year, we are in a 'one game season' each week. We have to beat the Redskins. Make it to the playoffs and this story is nothing. Miss the playoffs and we can relive this story and a thousand other stupid ones all off season long.

jelly fish

Dez has every right to act out. He gave is all this past Sunday and a lot of Sunday's before that. I feel for the guy. He has played his heart out. What I'm surprised at is that he can keep his composure when talking to his teammates. He is a great talent. His team is a mess. What an impossible situation for a very talented player. It would be hard on anyone.

VP of Dallas

All I know is Dez makes plays. The guy is a touch down maker. He makes it rain. He blocks, he catchs, he runs. You can't ask a super talent to play like he does and keep all his emotions inside all of the time. Be real. He is a freak on the field. Be glad he is in big D doing what he does. I'm a team guy but even I can live with some stuff. Let's give big Dez a break on little stuff like this and be grateful when he goes over the middle and takes the hard hits all the times he does.

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