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Sean Lee knows what you are thinking

Sean-Lee.Hamstring.461IRVING, Texas - Dallas Cowboys linebacker Sean Lee said the injury that forced him out of Monday's game against the Chicago Bears is a sprained neck and that he expects to play through it for Sunday.

"It's a muscle deal," he said. "It's not the shoulder."

[ UPDATE - He's not playing. On Sunday. Who knows when he's coming back. ] 

Maybe it was a Godsend he was knocked out in the first half of that blowout loss and he didn't have to suffer through the Cowboys' latest defensive disaster.

The Cowboys football team is a better defensive football team with Sean Lee playing football on the football field. Barely. They are still a bad defensive football team with their best defensive player on the football field.

Well, "bad" if a defensive unit ranked 32nd out of 32 teams can be called bad. Maybe that's nitpicking.

Moving on, the team's best defensive player is not helping his case that he is not what the experts call "injury prone". He is. He just deals with it.

Lee told me he knows that tag will shadow him "until I stay healthy for a full season."

When he plays, Lee is one of the best middle linebackers in football. In 11 games, he has 99 tackles, six passes defended, four interceptions and a fumble recovery. That's Pro Bowl material.

The man would play through a broken face if he could. The fear is that Sean Lee just may be a guy whose body was not designed for a football season. Maybe a football game, but not a season.

In 2008 at Penn State, he tore his ACL and missed the season.
In 2010, he played in 14 games as a rookie with the Cowboys and suffered a variety of injuries, including a hamstring.
In 2011, he played in 15 games despite suffering a dislocated left wrist.
In 2012, he was limited to six games after suffered a toe injury.
In 2013, he has missed two games after suffering a hamstring injury.


"I can't worry about it," he told ME. "If you do, you'll change the way you play and you won't be as effective. If you hesitate you can't be the player you want to be. So you go out and let it rip and let's hope it doesn't happen again. It is what it is."


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There was a reason that Sean Lee and Bruce Carter fell to Dallas in the second rounds of the 2010 and 2011 drafts respectively. Both had injury question marks that caused other teams to pass on them. Jerry Jones had no such concerns at that time, and look at where we are now. Carter is increasingly looking like a bust, and Lee can't stay on the field. Linebackers were supposed to be one of the strengths of the Cowboys this year, but add them to the long list of needs Dallas has for the 2014 draft.

no D in big D

At this point I'd trade him for a defensive lineman that can stop somebody.

John Carpenter

What do Lee and Carter have in common? They're linebackers, of course, and on a team that has had one of the most anemic defesnive fronts in the NFL the past two or three years. This means linebackers have to make more plays; more plays, more hits; more hits more potential injuries.

Yes, they've had injury problems but few fans know the Packers passed on Larry Allen because he had a history of rotator cuff injuries.

The team docs give Jerry and the personnel guys the medical info and their long-term prognosis on a player's chances of staying healthy in the pros if drafted.

If Jerry had no concerns it's probably because the docs didn't either.

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