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TCU needs this more than a new offensive coordinator

MEACHAM150_0604Gary Patterson's entertaining and ill-timed rant after his team's season-ending loss to Baylor to cap TCU's awful 4-8 season may be the only thing that endures from the 2013 season.

A season that began with projections of TCU contending for a Big 12 title ended bowl-less in an era when every team receives a postseason invite. Blame the offense.

One of the first items of business will be for GP to move around a handful of his offensive assistant coaches, and hire Houston OC Doug Meacham to fix his mess of an offense. Godspeed, sir.

Meacham may be great, but this ain't about coaches - the man needs players. Sorry, athlete-students. Sorry, student-athletes.

Adjusting the offensive scheme will be a four-kegger party compared to figuring out who exactly will play on offense next season. The receivers were a disappointment, the offensive line was bad and now there is no quarterback.

Find a quarterback, the world is solved and contract extensions magically appear (see Sumlin, Kevin).

If GP can find a QB who can throw the ball accurately many of his problems will be solved. The problem is that it appears that none of the QB's currently listed on this roster are an obvious choice to play the most important position on the field for this team next year.

This has not been an issue at TCU for years, predating Andy Dalton's tenure which began in 2007.

TCU's best quarterback is gone. Casey Pachall's time with TCU was not a failure, but ultimately it will be judged as a missed opportunity. Props to the player for putting his life together, but as far as production it was a miss.

TCU's second-best quarterback is now its best wide receiver. Trevone Boykin is not an accurate enough passer, and too valuable as a receiver. He needs the ball in his hands, but this team is only going to go so far with Boykin as its passer. If he wins the QB job, it will be by default.

MaxresdefaultThis leaves Tyler Matthews, a 6-foot-4, 220-pound redshirt who will be a sophomore next season. While no one has said this, it is apparent by the little Matthews played in 2013 (4 games, 0-for-3 passing), TCU is not sold.

The other quarterbacks listed on the roster are freshman Zach Allen (6-3, 194) and Carson Snyder (6-4, 190). They're options, but they're not.

TCU's best option is likely not on campus yet. Foster Sawyer (pictured) is a 6-foot-5, 215 pound senior at All Saints high school in Fort Worth. Reportedly, he picked TCU over Alabama, UCLA and Oklahoma State (always be skeptical on the "selected School X over School Y"). He has yet to sign, but all signs point to his sticking to his word. 

There are, and will be other QB's, to pledge their allegiance to TCU on National Signing Day, but Sawyer is it. 

From a physical standpoint Sawyer has it. He is only going to fill out, but the drawbacks are he has never played a down of college ball, and he was a private school kid.

TCU's offensive problems are not limited to the quarterback, but if GP can find a good one many of his troubles will solved.

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You forgot to mention Grayson Muehlstein who is also committed to TCU as a QB in this class and will be in the mix. Surely you know about him?


Zach Allen and Carson Snyder are options but their not. Since when did you become the quarterback coach at TCU? I know your dying to weigh in on the Patterson - Briles presser. When do we get your article blasting GP? You never miss an opportunity to go after TCU or GP.


Amazing how TCU is starting to look like the TCU from the mid 1990's....LOL


The same can be said about every other school in the Big XII…they all need a legitimate quarterback that can run the offense,

THE Texas Christian University

DAMN, that coach has nice hair!!! Mac, you are in serious trouble.


Welcome to the Big 12 TCU. No more WAC or MWC softy schedules. Each and every game in the Big 12 is your Rose Bowl game win from a few years ago. What nobody is talking about is that Patterson was a great coach in those conferences but playing in a tougher conference, he is a below average coach. He's smart in making coaching changes as most Big 12 coaches do. Now he needs Big 12 depth which will take him 3 years to build. He will be fired by that time. Mark my words. Another poor season next year and he's gone to the unemployment line. Welcome to the Big 12 boys.


Big 12 not all that every team has a down period.Frogs were in most games, some of you jerks talk like its the SEC get a life.


Funny how we have to keep hearing the "Casey Pachall was TCU's best option at QB" line when he didn't produce one significant B12 win. Trevone, with all of faults has several. Playing QB in college is more than about staying in the pocket like Peyton Manning. The biggest issue was an inept and inflexible offensive coaching staff/philosphy.


I like Patterson standing up for his players and against a coach that has no idea that his players are acting badly.
As for the QB? The problem at TCU this year was the play calling. We were a good running team and needed to get that done to help with the weak passing. We passed in the wrong instances and ran as an after thought.


ha-ha! it's so funny to hear comment's from our brothers in the big 12. they talk a big game themselves but, in reality they were not much better than we were this year. with the exception of the texas game and with the right play calling, we could have and had the chance to win those games. with the exception of a couple of drive's we shut down baylor's offense and they know it but, they would never admit it. you could see the fear in their eye's when tcu started coming back. if patterson would have played for the tie it might have been a different ballgame. anyway most of you guy's talk a big game but, you are not any better.

Rob Tentoy

Amen, CWill. Of course, I'd go as far as to say that Pachall should never have even been on the roster this year. He was out of form and a distraction.

Oh, and just for the record:

Trevone 1-0 vs Baylor

Pachall 0-2 vs Baylor


Who needs a great offense when the TCU qb is dumb enough to throw the ball to the BU defense and give easy td's ?


Baylor fans are a joke! They have two winning seasons ans suddenly they feel entitled to talk smack to TCU who has been to two consecutive BCS Bowls and finished No.2 in 2010 without a chance to play Auburn that year for the National Championship. Baylor recently prides itself in winning two consecutive (so so name) bowl games. I am a BU Alum '80 and TCU '82, so I have pride in both schools, but let's get real here. In football TCU leads the nation one of the best win teams during the past 8 years. Baylor only got to the BIg 12 because of our big sister Anne Richards, and leaving tCU yo earn it's way back to where it belonged MORE than BU!!!!

Rob Tentoy

Well, I will give Baylor credit for "better late than never." At least they can say they went to a BCS bowl. Unlike Texas Tech.

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