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The Cowboys are going to win a playoff game

A-Dallas-Cowboys-cheerleader-nfl-cheerleaders-815318_323_480_zps1480659cThoughts and dreams of a 10-6 season for your Dallas Cowboys professional football team very much exist because of this two-game winning streak against teams that are both under .500 and are a combined 9-15.

With four football games remaining on their regular season slate, the Cowboys are scheduled to play only one team with a winning record (Philly is 7-5). This means the Cowboys will win the NFC East, and host a playoff game ... which they will win. Cue lifetime contract for head football coach Jason Garrett. 

The good teams in the NFL, and at 7-5 and in first place in the NFC East the Cowboys are a "good team", are winning at home. En masse.

Seahawks 6-0
Patriots 6-0
Saints 6-0
Broncos 6-0
Bengals 5-0
Cowboys 5-1
Panthers 5-1

The Cowboys lone home loss was a 51-48 defeat against the Denver Broncos; should have won that game,  but ... 

This is what the Cowboys should have been doing since Jerry Jones and the City of Arlington combined to spend more than $1 billion dollars to make a football stadium. 

For the first time since the Cowboys moved into Jerry World, they actually have a decided home field advantage. This is the team's home record in the regular season since re-locating to Arlington.

2012: 4-4
2011: 5-3
2010: 2-6
2009: 6-2

There is a good chance the Cowboys will finish with a 7-1 home record. The last time the Cowboys finished with a 7-1 home record, or better, was 1999 - the Cowboys finished 8-8 that year.

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Re: "The Cowboys are going to win a playoff game"

In whose lifetime? I can actually envision the Boys breaking the Red Sox 86-year futility. That would put the next playoff win about 2099. Sound about right?

eat it

how does that crow taste idiot. I thought you said the cowboys were going to go 8-8 and would miss the playoffs again. you have zero faith and less class. how do you call yourself a sports reporter.

my boys are going to roll thru the remainder of the season and do some real damage in the playoffs.

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