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The Jason Garrett Week 17 horror show has been running since '07

13Z2ko.St.58Jason Garrett was hired as the Dallas Cowboys offensive coordinator in 2007, and since then ... he is no Vanessa Williams.

He is not Saving His Best for Last (that's so gold).

2007 (offensive coord.)
12/30 at Washington Redskins: L, 27-6*. 1 turnover. 2 forced turnovers

2008 (offensive coord.)
12/28 at Philadelphia Eagles: L, 44-6. 5 turnovers. 1 forced turnover

2009 (offensive coord.)
1/3 v. Philadelphia Eagles: W, 24-0. 1 turnover. 1 forced turnover

2010 (head coach)
1/2 at Philadelphia Eagles: W, 14-13*. 1 turnover. 4 forced turnovers

2011 (head coach)
1/1 at New York Giants: L, 31-14. 2 turnovers. 0 forced turnovers.

2012 (head coach)
12/30 at Washington Redskins: L, 28-18. 3 turnovers. 0 turnovers

2013 (head coach)
12/29 v. Philadelphia Eagles: L, 24-22. 3 turnovers. 1 turnover forced

* Game was played with backups & little to play for.

Record: 2-5
Point differential: 167-104
Turnover differential: 16-9

Analysis: Good God ... 

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It is an ugly statistic but one we've come to expect at the end of the season in Dallas. The only thing I would add is that Jason Garrett isn't the only one with this history. You can tie this dubious distinction to anyone who was affiliated with the Cowboys since 2007: Doug Free, Jason Hatcher, DeMarcus Ware, Miles Austin, Jason Witten, Tony Romo, and of course, Jerry Jones.

william tells

Post to the "Big Mac Blog" (Star Telegram):

Cold-cut analysis of Cowboy's "problem" in a nutshell: NO ORGANIZATION functions well with two leaders; repeat, NONE!

The Cowboys are cursed to have two (2) Leaders with Garrett being titular but with spotlight-seeking Jones' ominous, interfering presence contributing only hierarchical dysfunction.

Imagine: Going into pitched battle harking to the marching orders of two ground commanders! (Fact: The Marine Corps would hang the likes of Jones out to dry!).

Bottomline: Typically, a football grunt subconsciously fashions his on-field effort 50/25/25, to wit:

50 % of his expended effort is invested to please and/or serve his co-players.

25 % is expended in response to the on-field expectations/demands of the coach.

25 % of the expended effort is invested in search of self-satisfaction.



William Tells


and don,t forget dez Bryant. maybe if he would stop crying and play ball it would be different.also tell this idiot when he travels and checks in at curb side at the airport to tip the skycaps. I quess he doesn,t have enough common sense to do that.


Dallas vs division 5-1
Dallas vs non division 3-7

Those 3 non division wins were against other division cellar dwellers.

Dallas vs AFC 1-3

It all adds up to weak team in a weak division. Fortunate to be 8-8. Leadership starts at the top and that's not changing.

Totally Fried

Everyone keeps pointing out the damage of the coaches.

Good Coaches can't coach mediocre players into becoming All-pro.

Look, for one final time, the 136-136 record is all on the duds at the top.

The Jones family aren't football material. Business is their game and drafting and managing football talent is not their game. We've lived the results of Jerry the draft genuis and player personnel genuis for too many years now.

Time to move on. Next years schedule for d'Boys is filled with playoff teams. Translation; more 8 and 8, or less.

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