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The List: Candidates to be the next Mack Brown

With reports flying that University of Texas-Austin head football coach Mack Brown will resign by week's end, there simply is no time to celebrate the man's legacy and impact both on the sport of college football and his university.

The more important item is to determine who will replace Mack as the single-highest paid state employee in the great state a Texas. Chip Brown of said he has been told by a Texas source the school wants to hire a proven name that has won a national title, or Super Bowl. Those parameters change the field dramatically.

Here are a few possibilities ...

Nick-sabanNick Saban, Alabama
Why he would: He has restored "greatness" to LSU and Alabama and not only would his bank account break under the weight of a new deal, the chance to put Texas back to the very tippy-top of the college football pyramid would secure his legacy as the greatest college coach of this era.
He would leave a situation and absurd expectations that he created to walk into a new home that is dying to sniff some of the success he had at Alabama. It would eventually become a feed-the-beast monster much like he has at Alabama, but in the short-term he would be new and most-appreciated.

Why he wouldn't: He has enough money, and he doesn't want to leave a college program for another college program. The NFL, however ...

David Shaw, Stanford
Why he would leave: Despite it being located in the greatness of Palo Alto, Calif. all football coaches want to leave this locale. This is a hard job. Jim Harbaugh, Ty Willingham, Denny Green were the most successful coaches at Stanford since 1989, and they all left on their own to "better" jobs.
Shaw is 34-6 in three seasons, and his resume may never look prettier.
Why he wouldn't: The only reason he would not leave Stanford for Texas is because he is not offered the job. He has not won a national title.

TomlinMike Tomlin, Pittsburgh Steelers
Why he would leave: Because UT would bury him in money. He works for arguably the best organization in pro football, and one that believes in continuity at his position. He wins. He has support from management. 
Why he wouldn't leave: The Steelers would not match UT's salary offer, and he prefers the pro game.

Les Miles, LSU
Why he would leave: He wins at LSU, but it's never enough. The man is second-guessed when he goes to the bathroom. UT is a better job. Barely, but it is.
Why he wouldn't leave: He is the most powerful man in his state who wins, and wins in recruiting.

James Franklin, Vanderbilt
Why he would leave: He is leaving as soon as he can.
Why he wouldn't leave: He isn't offered the job. He is 17-8 in his last two seasons at arguably one of the most difficult jobs in America. 

Art Briles, Baylor
Why he would leave: He is a Texan who is in Texas and the chance to coach this program may be too great to pass for a man like Art.
Why he wouldn't leave: Loyalty to Baylor, and realizing he has the keys to his town and school. He can do no wrong. The buyout in the new 10-year contract he signed with Baylor is too great. 

Gary Patterson, TCU
Why he would leave: See above on Briles, only GP isn't a Texan.
Why he wouldn't leave: Because he won't be offered the job. His window, if there was one, was last season.

Meyer-presser-squ-lijpg-bc9f160af5e36775Urban Meyer, Ohio State
Why he would leave: Climate, it's Texas, and the chance to make more money.
Why he wouldn't leave: Ohio State is a Texas of the north. It's a monster school with a giant enrollment and fan base. He owns the Big 10, too. He makes a ton of money in Columbus.

Jim Harbaugh, 49ers
Why he would leave: The chance to return Texas to national prominence. Money. Money. Money.
Why he wouldn't leave: He is a pro coach would rather coach ball than worry about all of the other stuff. He has plenty of money.

Jimbo Fisher, Florida State
Why he would leave: Money. It's Texas.
Why he wouldn't leave: He has Florida State atop the Florida food chain. He owns the ACC.

Charlie Weis, Kansas
Hey - if we have lost our sense of humor we are no better than the machines.

The new coach at Texas will be: Uhhh ... ummmm .... cough-cough ... all predictions are fluid, but David Shaw feels like a great fit. A man who has won, maybe not a national title, and who would be a wonderful representative of Texas for Texas and Texans.


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I laughed out loud about Charlie Weis. Any chance you can to put his name out there then tear it down will always win you points in my camp.

I laughed so hard I woke my new born son.


Saban. Saban, Saban. Its the only choice for Texas.


David Shaw of Stanford? I don't understand the comment "wonderful representative of Texas for Texas and Texans"? As far as I know, he has no ties to the state of Texas.

hot fuzz

Saban is coming to Texas. Texas is good but it's about to get better. I hate him but he is a perfectionist and a darn good coach. Instead of asking if saban is coming is to ask how soon before he arrives and bring a national championship to texas. Welcome home nicky!


Toss the name of Kirk Ferentz into the usual suspects barrel.

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