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The Mavericks were kidding themselves on this guy

1924496486The first guy they wanted didn't want them (Dwight Howard), neither did the second guy (Greg Oden), so the Dallas Mavericks had to make the best of it when they handed Samuel Dalembert a two-year, $7.5 million contract in the summer.

There was nobody else. Just because the Mavs gave him money and owner Mark Cuban said Dalembert was the key to the season is going to change the fact he is Samuel Dalembert. There is a reason why the Mavs are his fourth team since 2010.

It didn't take until Christmas before Dalembert entered Mavs' coach Rick Carlisle's dog mansion. Sammy D is not starting, and he is stuck behind Bernard James and DeJuan Blair for minutes. This does not figure to improve when Brandan Wright returns from injury.

In the past four games for the Mavs, Sammy D has played 17, 19, 12 and 12 minutes respectively. In those four games, he has a total of 12 field goal attempts, 11 points, and 21 rebounds.

The question is, does Dalembert care? Depends on the day.

This is who Sam Dalembert is - sometimes he's there, sometimes he's not. A new contract and a new team is not going to turn Samuel Dalembert into Tyson Chandler.

The Mavs dramatically improved themselves on the perimeter in the offseason with the additions of Monta Ellis and Jose Calderon, but they still need a big because Dalembert is a big man who does not play big enough.

The Big Mac Blog contention is that considering Dalembert's background of growing up with so very little in his native Haiti, really caring about basketball on the level required to be a consistently dominant NBA player is difficult. Dalembert is pretty good at being a pro basketball player, and that has given him a life he likely could never have imagined many years ago.

He is nice, affable, can alter some shots. He's a backup who was paid starter money and given a starting spot because the first two guys the Mavs wanted didn't want them.

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Serves the Mavs right for even thinking that this jack-wagon would do anything other than spare everyone to death. Donnie Nelson as GM is about as valuable as Jerry as GM and I'm tired of their act of being mediocre as well. This is Diop all over again and it won't get any better.


I like bringing Ellis and Calderon into the fold this year as an upgrade over Mayo and Collison, but the center position is obviously a problem. Opposing teams are exploiting Blair's lack of size and Dalembert is playing with no heart. It was obvious to me that the Mavs had no shot at Dwight Howard in free agency, but they passed on Andrew Bynum when they had an opportunity, and I wonder if that move won't come back and haunt them. To make matters worse, with the 13th pick in the draft there were still some big men available, but they traded down and took 5-11" Shane Larkin. I see the Mavs posting a decent record and making the playoffs, but with a donut hole in the middle they aren't going to advance far.

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