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Tony Romo's back, & contract, continually look worse

The prayer of Tony Romo taking the needle to play Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles is dead as Jason Garrett announced that Romo has had back surgery on Friday morning.

"We had been hoping he would respond to the injection he was getting," Jerry Jones said this morning on 105.3 The Fan. "It was apparent this morning he was not responding. Everybody agreed we ought to have surgery this morning."

YULrx.St.58This news requires a Tim McCarver-like badgering of the obvious:

The Cowboys gave a 33-year-old quarterback coming off back surgery a six-year contract worth $108 million, $55 mil' guaranteed. Romo has had TWO back surgeries in eight months. 

This deal makes the Roy Williams (both of them) contracts look genius. 

March 29, 2013: Romo signed a six-year deal worth $108 million, $55 million guaranteed.
May 22, 2013: Romo had surgery to remove a cyst on his back. 

In late July, Cowboys coach Jason Garrett refers to Romo with an "injury". There had been rumors that Romo suffered a herniated disc as far back as the offseason, and now at this point we know his back is not perfect. I wrote this column that we should all be scared to death about Romo's back.

Dec. 22, 2013: Romo suffered a herniated disc in the second-half of a season-saving win at Washington. Clearly he was hurt during the game as the majority of his second-half passes lacked zip, and were lofts more than throws.

"It was a super human effort to finish that game," Jerry said on the 105.3 The Fan this morning. Hard to argue that.

Dec. 27, 2013: Romo has season-ending surgery to repair his back.

"It had nothing to do with his cyst that that been treated and surgery for in the spring," Jerry said. "The MRI said that area is doing well. They are not related in any way."

Ask anyone who has had back problems - bad backs never get right again - they get less worse. Or just ask Troy Aikman about bad backs.

Romo is expected to be back for offseason workouts.

We should not expect his back to ever be the same again.

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Chris H

Have to admit not being a Cowboy fan, ever since Jerruh scuttled JJ and elected himself genius.

However, I have back pain issues as well - they are no fun at all and I wish TR a speedy recovery.

philadelphia cheese

I'm a Philly fan. I'm excited to see my Eagles with a chance to make the playoffs. That said, I don't wish injury on anybody. I think Romo can be good but I think Orten can be very dangerous. He is an unknown at this stage of his career. He has had some good games in his day and might pull a fast one on us. It's going to be an exciting game. I wish Romo a speedy recovery. Hopefully he can watch my Eagles celebrate a deep playoff run.

boiler up

If you're a Cowboy fan this has to be a dream come true. All season everybody has cried a river about how awful Romo is. We'll here it is. The big chance to replace Romo and win. I'm betting big on Orten. He'll play it safe. Be a good game manager and not blow it at the end. I'm sorry Romo got hurt but I'm thrilled the team doesn't have to start it's biggest liability.


Sorry to hear about Tony having the surgery. I did back years ago and my neck's movement has been limited every since. D'boys will be lucky if he returns without future problems.

Problem for Orton will be his timing with the receivers. His arm strength will wane during the length of the game, as will his leg strength.

It's not his fault that he has a lack of "game day" playing time. He has a shot if the running game clicks. Without that it will be a long day of 2 & 3 step drops and shorts passes.


I think people are missing the point, as they often do when comment about a polarizing player such as Romo. Philadelphia has the better football team. Chip Kelly's read-option offense will score early and often against the horrendous Dallas defense and this game will probably be over by halftime. It doesn't matter if the Cowboys start Romo, Orton, or Kitna the end result will be the same.


Its over. Back up the truck. This season is over Cowboy fans. We might have won this game with Romo. Without Romo there is simply no way. Another crap season here in Dallas. Maybe we'll get lucky and sign Peyton Manning to be our quarterback but that's only after he breaks his neck.


We need to sign some more players that have injuries. What a joke. Nice job Jerry Jones. This game, the decade, this franchise is toast.

broke back mountain

can this team have any more drama? room is toast. I hope he never plays another down and he drags this franchise down with him. he has already into the promised land of 8-8. yippee. mediocrity here we, are

Eugene from Auston

Romo's back and Contract make perfect sense. Both work equally well for this team.


Tony Romo is every bit as good at quarterback as Matt Millen was at being a GM.

John Mc

Well, Peyton shocked me making it back from 2 neck surgeries but it's not like the lower back, having to support a lot of weight. I mean, unless you carried an enormous head like Jerry Jones.

Lola R., Dallas

We are doomed. All I can say is I hope we get lucky in the draft. Romo is not the answer, bad back and all.

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