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Uncomfortable questions with Cowboys DE George Selvie

UnknownIRVING, Texas - In his first season with the Dallas Cowboys, defensive end George Selvie went from backup to badly-needed starter.

At this point, in Week 17, any defensive linemen who was with the team from the start of training camp and is currently upright is considered a hero.

A veteran of now five NFL seasons, Selvie was nice enough to answer some uncomfortable questions.

What is your greatest extravagance? I live TVs. I have two 60 inchers. I should have gone bigger.

What quality do you admire the most in another person? Honesty. If someone is honest and genuine, that's it.

What virtue is overrated? I don't know. Emotional people. People who cry all the time. I don't like dealing with emotions.

ImagesYou married? No, I'm not.

Have a girlfriend? Yeah.

How do you deal with it when she gets emotional? I try not to.

Walk about the room? I'll ask, 'Are you OK?' She'll say, 'I'm OK, I'm OK', and then that's it. I'm good.

What did you get your son for Christmas? One of those powered cars. He's 3. So I got him that. She showed me in the magazine. 

Best Christmas present you ever received as a kid? The whole Teenage Mutna Ninja Turtles set. I was really into that and that was great. That was my best Christmas. I was 4.

Where are you happiest? What do you mean?

Where is the place you enjoy the most? I like going home to Pensacola, chilling with my mom and dad and being with them. Going to the beaches. Tanning and stuff.

You tan? I say it. I go to the beach.

OK, you brought this up and I don't want to sound rude or ignorant, but I think a lot of white people, such as me, didn't know a black person could tan. Some of them do. Some of the light black people do tan. I don't. I tan, but I don't try to.

Had a friend from high school who was black, and he hated it. He hated tanning?

NSyncYeah. That's ignorant.

So you do the sun screen and whole thing. Oh yeah. I don't want to burn.

Being from Pensacola, do you fish? No, not by himself. I go out with my dad, or a guide. 

Biggest fish you've ever caught? I caught a sting ray.

How did you catch it? Just like a fish. I thought it was a fish 'til it got to the boat. I didn't bring it in. Just let it off. I was starting to get scared.

Favorite movie? Life with Eddie Murphy. Classic.

What is on your music playlist that people would not think is on there? I grew up in the '90s with all the pop, so I listen to 'N Sync. I love that music.


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N'Sync aside, what I'm curious about is how he goes from a total of three sacks in his first three years to 7 sacks thus far with the Cowboys? The Rams picked him in the seventh round of the 2010 draft (he's a veteran of four NFL seasons counting this one, not five) and then they waived him at the end of the year. Carolina picked him up off of waivers, and then also waived him after four games. He was then picked up by Jacksonville where he played in 16 games over the course of two seasons and then they got rid of him, too. Tampa Bay picked him up in April of this year, and then promptly released him in May without ever playing a down for them. For a late round guy who was well on his way to being completely out of the league, you've got to give him credit. He's far exceeded expectations filling in for Anthony Spencer.


Selvie has never been given a chance to play every down for any of his previous teams. Rams wanted him to stand up and that's not his game. He's not the most athletic DE out there, but the guy works as hard as anyone and I believe he'll get even better if the Cowboy's stay with him.

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