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Weather forecasters should put money behind their forecasts

Barbara-Edwards_2506077bFULL DISCLOSURE - I make football picks on this blog, and I have never been wrong. Ever.

Be sure to record your favorite TV shows any way you can because in less than 24 hours the TV airwaves throughout the greater FORT WORTH/dallas region will be overrun by weathermen/weatherwomen who will be busy forecasting doom, despair and complete societal collapse.

Weather is coming. Weather. Rain. Cold. Wind. Sleet. Ice. Killer bees. Earthquakes. Tidal waves.

According to my new good close friend, KDFW Fox 4 metereologist Jennifer Myers, a cold front is coming to town. And hell is coming with it.

It's SleetMageddon 2013 - PREPARE TO DIE!!!!

Actually, just moisture. Maybe. Could be. It's dun fixin' to be really cold, with temperatures dropping into the 30s then we will see rain, and then possibly freezing rain with ice, sleet, etc. Society could collapse.

Didn't we hear this about two weeks ago when just about nothing happened except a little chilly with some rain? 

This latest forecast of doom reeks of Anchorman 2 - lots of hype that can't meet the expectation (forecast).

19122578_SA"I know that is the popular sentiment but I'm telling you this one is different," Myers told me exclusively, because no one else is forecasting the weather.

This is drives me nuts about weather forecasters - they prepare us for our certain weather demise yet we are always underwhelmed by the results. With their ties unknotted or shirt tails out that to indicate how busy they are, they wave their arms at a giant map of your city that is covered in a collection of hellishly colorful hues that mean we will all die very soon in a giant thundersnow.

"If the temperature drops below freezing it could be really bad," Myers said. "In this region it's very difficult to predict because the winter weather is so finicky here."

Did you catch that? She said "If".

This is no different than the Dallas Cowboys preparing to play the Chicago Bears on Monday night.
If the Chicago Bears have quarterback Jay Cutler it could be really bad.

These weather forecasters have been getting a pass for years - they're batting .250 at best; it's time for the consumers to demand that the likes of Myers, Pete Delkus, David Frinfrock and the rest to be held a higher standard because their consumers plan their entire lives around their weather predictions.

If I am never wrong in my forecasts about five weekend football games, these guys should be doing just as well: Perfect.


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Except your football picks don't effect anyone... except maybe gamblers... Have you even taken a science class in your life? Or do you just like to talk to hear yourself talk? Meteorology never has been an exact science because there are too many variables (I assume you vaguely remember algebra with all the letters? Right?). The amount of Math and science that people like Jennifer have to take to become meteorologist would make you weep like a little girl.

The difference between THIS storm and the last storm is the temperature... the reason why it didn't sleet or ice over last time was because the temperature was off by a mere couple of degrees... this time it's below freezing.

So go ahead, be nonchalant and condescending to people much smarter than you... If you can do a better job, then by all means have at it... if not, why don't you can it and stick to sports stats. Afterall, sports stats don't effect peoples lives or property like inclement weather can.


In addition:

If they don't forecasted the way they do and it turns out to be worse you would still be complaining.

The forecasters make their forecasts not just on computer models but based on years of experience and years of knowledge of advanced maths and science that most likely would make you cry. And sometimes it just doesn't pan out because the temps were just a mere degree off or the moisture didn't get here fast enough... Or maybe it got here too quick... Or maybe a patch of dry air decided it wanted to join the party.

The forecasters at the NWS and on TV are doing to best they can to get the proper information to people like us in a timely manner. They are essentially damned if they do, damned if they don't in cases such as this.

So again, please, if you can do a better job... just try it.


In case you weren't aware, weather forecasting isn't an exact science. I guess you'd rather they not talk about the possible dangerous weather, and it sneaks up on you while you're unprepared.


Jennifer Myers is a total idiot. She is a not so pretty face reading a teleprompter.

I wonder if she can predict what people are thinking when they see/hear her segments on TV????

1) WOW! TV does add 10 or 20 lbs.

2) She has a face made for radio

3) I can't wait till she shuts up and we can hear the sport segment


Wow. You are ass, Mac. From the looks of it, Jayne said told you like it is. I do hope you stick to sports "forecasting" some that is your science and you are great at it. But that does not give you the right to defecate on other professionals in their respective fields. After this blog, I'm certain that "new close friend" label you gave Jennifer will soon be dissolved.


Really Viewer? I bet you, like Mac here, are just jealous that there is a woman much smarter than you are. Totally asses and I hope the two of you slip on the ice and get some sense (and decency) knocked into your thick, male ego-centric, skulls of yours.


Totally agree with "viewer". She gets on my last nerve. Who cares about dew point and temp difference?

She thinks she's way too cute for her own as well good posting pics like a freaking tween on her page as well as Fox's.

Get over yourself! And, grow some skin!

Don Draper

Seriously, Mac. Slow "sports news" day? You remind me of the naysayers that refuse to evacuate before a storm... and then complain/file damage claims when the government didn't rescue them from the effects of said storm. In my hard workin' section of Texas, we call those people worthless leeches. Bahhhhhahahaha!


Really, 'viewer'? Dude, grow a pair. Insulting a really good meteorologist? You remind me of total wannabe meathead in my high school that couldn't even hack J.V. football tryouts! lololol... (don't worry though dude, Coach'll let you wash our cups after the game)

Ellen P.

It appears Jayne Myers is a regular media lighting rod. I wonder if she has as many fans as she has comments on this blog.


I like your blog 'okay' but this story is hilarious!!! I thought it was 'pretty' funny and spritzed up with your usual dry sarcastic whit. BUT these comments are priceless!!! If it's REALLY Jayne Myers who is writing on here; then I am falling off my chair laughing. Why would any intelligent person respond to your article like this?!?!??!!? Your article was lame and kinda funny. Jayne's comments make it legit and soooooo funny! YOU HAVE TO DO A FOLLOW UP ON THIS TO SEE IF JAYNE WRITES ANY MORE COMMENTS!!!


H.L. Carter

Do any of you people that are so critical of Jennifer have a TV that is new enough to have a remote control? If she so bothers you why not just turn to another station!! I think she is very cute and like to watch her. And by the way, her forecasts are just as accurate as any of the other stations, so take your pick of the one that has the person you like.....or is this the way you get your perverted kicks?


Hahaha... I think this blog is total bunk and full of hot air. People like you like to complain and spout that you know better than those that have an actual degree in meteorology.

But the naysaying comments that can't even get Jennifer's name correct are funny as hell. Who is Jayne Myers? Because its not the person that was quoted in the original post.

Jennifer Myers

Jennifer Myers here... just to let everyone know, Mac Engel wrote me a very nice apology after writing this article. Not sure why he didn't at least change the fact errors in the blog, but I guess that's not a priority to him.

Also, not sure why he calls me his 'new close friend" as I've only spoken with him on the phone for the interview.

I think we can all agree this storm lived up to our forecasts pretty well. Hopefully you guys are all staying warm and staying safe until it all passes.

mr. freeze miser

Jennifer Myers is a pig. She looks more like a man than she sounds like a meteorologist. (I won't be issuing an apology)

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