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What Baylor nation should fear (hint: He makes Jerry look like a genius)

Before Art Briles signed that shiny 10-year contract with Baylor a source told me he was gone if he was offered the Washington Redskins job.

But then Briles signed that contract that would keep him through 2023, and made him one of the 10-highest paid coaches in the nation. That should have made Mr. Briles a Bear until retirement, but there is a scary little man who suffers from the worst case of Napoleonic syndrome in the NFL that could ruin the good thing going on in Waco.

Baylor-Bears-Art-Briles-570x399The Washington Redskins are once again a total mess, and according to a report by CBS Sportsline, they will “likely” target Mr. Briles after Little Danny Snyder cans Mike Shanahan and his offensive coordinating son. And firing the Shanahans is a when not if.

Snyder has screwed many good things before, so if you are Baylor be afraid. Danny is going to make that call, and he doesn’t care about buyout clauses.

Art would be wise to say, “No, thanks” but many a good man have tried before to conquer Mt. Snyder because their ego is convinced they can be the one to make the Redskins right again. Norv Turner, Marty Schottenheimer, Terry Robiskie, Steve Spurrier, Joe Gibbs, Jim Zorn and Shanahan have combined for two playoff wins in the Snyder era. Jerry Jones doesn't look so bad now, huh?

You wouldn't know it from Mr. Synder's tenure as owner of the Redskins, but this once was the most distinguished franchise in all of football.

What Briles has done in Waco compares with Gary Patterson at TCU and Bill Snyder at Kansas State, but it’s still not as difficult as the Washington Redskins. Snyder is the worst.

The-14-worst-business-practices-of-redskins-owner-daniel-snyderThe power and support Briles has an FBS coach in Waco is enormous; he can do whatever he wants in Waco. For the Redskins, he would be working for one of the most meddlesome, thin-skinned dopes the league has ever seen. It bears repeating, Synder is the worst.

He is also in a panic – his meal-ticket quarterback is a mess, and after giving up the world to draft Robert Griffin III he needs a sure thing to cure his franchise quarterback. The Redskins are 3-10, and the NFL's darling rookie from a year ago is a team-crashing diva with the difficult daddy. This needs to be fixed.

RGIII may be benched in favor of Kirk Cousins; the Redskins did not give up umpteen draft selections to put RGIII on the bench in favor of Kirk Cousins. 

On paper, Briles makes some sense. No one did more for RGIII than Briles, and hiring college coaches into the NFL is suddenly OK again.

Unlike when Snyder hired Steve Spurrier away from Florida to run his team into the ground, Briles will actually coach football and not take chip shots while the defense practices (this happened). The man can coach ball.

The Eagles are in first place in the NFC East with Chip Kelly, and Briles is every bit Kelly’s coaching equal. He is the hottest name in college, and Snyder needs to do something big.

Griffin-Redskins-SaluteThe national perception is that Briles “handled” the delicate care package that is RGIII. This includes his family, and his “team”. That RGIII was a difficult diva that only Briles could manage.
Don’t buy all of that, but daddies of NFL QB’s can be as difficult as a soccer mom. RGIII’'s dad does not need to be checking in on his son at halftime of a game, as has been reported. His son is a grown man, and they can meet up after the game like everybody else.

If Little Danny Snyder is giving RGIII the keys to the mansion that includes all-access to his toys that other players do not enjoy, that's stupid but not unoriginal.

The whole thing is a mess, and perhaps for the first time the massive fan base that buys tickets to Redskins games has had enough and will stop buying Little Danny's over-priced product. He needs something to inspire his customers again, and Briles - on paper - could do that.

UnknownAnd if it were any other owner Briles would be wise to seriously think about leaving Baylor because there are only 32 NFL head coaching jobs. The chance to coach RGIII again would be fun.

But the spectre of coaching under Little Danny Snyder is too great - no one can win with this fool in charge. Stay put. Be rich to coach football in Waco. Enjoy the free cheese burgers and peanut butter milkshakes at Health Camp.

When the phone call comes from Mr. Snyder, just tell him you've already got a job.


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Baylor Nation

I like what you have to say. I think it makes sense. But sadly, I don't see Briles staying if the NFL comes calling. If Dan Snyder brings enough cash, Briles is gone. He is the man here but NFL money and the chance to reunite with RGIII will be too much. It kills me to think you are probably right about all of this, except the part about Briles staying.


Don't waste time getting your panties in a knot. Art Biles is not a
fool. He isn't leaving Baylor. If he had been interested in leaving,he would have waited on the UT job. But he wasn't and isn't. He is beginning to form a legend at a school that will always be the loyalty Patterson enjoys from TCU. And as for RGIII, when Washington drafted him, Donovan McNabb said the Shanahan son might ruin him. Briles limited his running after his knee injury. Everyone knows how the Shanahans handled it in Washington.

Rob Tentoy

I'm always suspicious of "loyalty" when a head coach takes a new job before the season is officially over and then doesn't even stick around to coach his team in their bowl game. See also: Dennis Franchione

Briles would be a fool to go to the NFL. He appears to be a Saban type - does well in college because he can recruit well (wonder how he'd be doing if RGIII hadn't changed his commitment to Baylor to follow Briles). But the NFL... there isn't really recruiting there. And it sounds like the entire Redskins situation is toxic... that's worse than just being a bad team.

If Lil' Danny offers, Briles' decision will most likely be career defining

wacky in waco

Briles is gone.


Three years ago this article would have been spot on. Today's Redskins mess is all on Shanahan. All Danny has done is provide support, from a new practice facility to allowing Mike to hire his son as OC. He has been "ghost" in most occasions. Mike's bitchin because he wants out. Lousy drafting, bad chemistry between OC-HC and QB, assembling a horrible coaching staff (our special teams would give up returns to any Texas 5A school). No, this is all on the head coach.

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