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What the devil and Mack Brown have in common

Ncf_u_brown_200"The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist."


This line is from The Usual Suspects, and while Mack Brown is far from Satan himself, he certainly appears to have pulled a fast one on the good people who run the University of Texas-Austin. Despite not having won 10 games since 2009 and clearly having fallen behind Texas A&M and Baylor in state, Mack looks like he is sticking around for another year.

Coach February may have convinced (conned?) the UT people that he has Bevo headed away from the cow flop of the past few years.

For now, according to various reports, Mack is fighting like hell to keep his job at Texas. After meeting with several of the UT big timers on Friday afternoon, he appears to have kept it. 

It's not done that he's staying, but no one at the UT banquet on Friday night in Austin gave any indication that he would not be back.

Cue the celebration in College Station, and the mass drinking of sorrows on Sixth Street in Austin.

Perhaps this was all as a result of Alabama head coach Nick Saban's agent, Jimmy Sexton, leveraging UT vs. ALA but Saban is remaining in Tuscaloosa, where he will likely end his coaching his career after he signs an extenion. Saban said via Alabama's Twitter account he intends to stay there until he is done coaching.

Say this for Mack - he never has said he was stepping down; rather he maintained his stance of wanting to talk to UT officials, including new AD Steve Patterson. It was reports, starting with Chip Brown's of, that said Mack would step down. Maybe on Monday Mack really was out, and the source who told Brown believed that UT had Saban in the bag. Things change.

The bigger problem now is how Mack remaining at UT is good for the football team. 

High school football players do not pick a school based on the school. They pick the school based on the head coach.

One of the first items of business in any recruiting period is whether the kid feels like the coach has his back, and is going to stick around. How Mack Brown tells a kid he has job security after all of these losses (20 in the last four years), and all of this speculation that he was stepping down will be the hardest sales pitch of his career.

Convincing a high school senior he has job security will be the greatest trick Mack Brown ever pulled.

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Bob in Arlington

This is like watching someone you love die a slow, agonizing death.

Mack is a good man, but with a big ego and a $5.4 million dollar contract in force.

Mack is now hold Texas Football back and the University hostage.

We may see the worst recruiting season in many, many years for Texas Football. How can Brown talk success and recruiting to kids and than families other than those who have always wanted to got to UT.

It's going to be tough to watch.

True Coat

Whatever respect I had for Mack Brown is gone. I don't have a problem with him wanting to stay, for fighting administration to stay, but it's madness how this thing is playing out. He needs to make it like he is never leaving or he needs to leave yesterday. However bad we had it this year, we will have it worse next year. This is not a good chapter in our program. And any chance we were going to get Saban is over. I'm dumbfounded. Something has got to give. Admin has to bend or Mack has to bend. I wonder how many more years Mack has on his deal. It seems highly unlikely he will ever see the end of that thing. What a total mess

L Knight

There is no way that Brown;s refusal to remain HC helps Texas. Instead of helping the university, he placing administrators in a position of firing Brown, thus leaving a negative ending to his excellent coaching history in Austin. The question is does Administrators have the determination to replace Brown, to insure future championships, or leave him in command of annual middle tier standings. Brown could, and should resign in a timely (Monday) manner. Regardless, the Big 12 has Oklahoma, Ok. St., and Baylor to contend in national . But not Texas in the near future.

Emilio Rebenga

Mack Brown has done a lot of good for Texas. Not all his moves have been awful but this one looks pretty bad. He might get hot next season but I'm not holding my breath. I think he tanks. This can't be good for recruiting.

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