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Why Jon Gruden is not an ideal candidate for Texas

A_gruden_iAccording to Brian Davis of the Austin American Statesman, University of Texas athletic director Steve Patterson has appointed an eight-person search committee to replace Mack Brown as football coach.

This is called "spreading the blame." If UT was smart, it would have given Patterson a credit card, keys to the university plane, a blank check and said, "Don't come back 'til you find our new head coach. If this goes south, you're fired."

Instead, Patterson followed the modern day AD map - name a slew of people to a committee to find the highest profiled state employee in the great state a Texas. Life lesson, kids - how do you spell C-Y-A?

One coach who is rumored to be a candidate is former Oakland Raiders, Tampa Bay Bucs coach and current ESPN analyst Jon Gruden. 

Geoff Ketchum, owner and publisher of, Tweeted earlier today: "No contact between Texas and Jon Gruden has taken place at this time. Source merely mentioned interest level for Gruden was legit."

There could be an opening for hostess at your local Chilis and Gruden's name would surface. 

When Brad Johnson was a backup quarterback for the Cowboys in 2008, he told me he never thought Gruden would be a good fit for a college program. 

"Jon is all about ball," said Johnson, who played for Gruden for the Bucs; the two won a Super Bowl together in 2002.

Johnson described a man whom he did not believe would enjoy the recruiting element of the college game, despite his salesman type persona.

Gruden coached at Tennessee (1986), Southeast Missouri State ('87-'88), Pacific ('89) and Pittsburgh ('91) before he moved to the NFL level.

Gruden does have the one qualification that UT is reportedly seeking - a coach who has won an NCAA title or Super Bowl.

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100% Disagree the man can coach with the very best and having extensive experience working for ESPN he would easily compliment the Longhorn Network, he has the Fire and Passion that Texas needs hope they do hire him ASAP!!!!

Jamal H.

Gruden would be a massive miss at Texas. He would come. He loves the cash and media attention. He would be a lousy recruiter. Good salesman. Totally insincere. PLEASE DO NOT HIRE THIS GUY!!!!!! TOTAL TRAIN WRECK!

Chris B

Gruden gets mentioned for all the big, high profile, money jobs. Gruden would take it for $7 million a year but unless he gets stupid cash for the job he ain't leaving ESPN. It's a wel known fact Gruden is an NFL guy.

texas pride

Gruden and Texas are not a fit. I don't have any inside info but I'm sure of this much; Gruden is not only a 'Pro only' coach he is not a Texas caliber person. Mack Brown will be a hard person to follow in that regard.


With all of his disciples already on the Cowboys coaching staff, it would seem more likely that he would replace Garrett as head coach in Dallas. Jerry would throw obscene money to get him, because he's a big name that he could sell to the fan base.

Magic Mike

I agree with Davidmar. I could see Jerry Jones going after Gruden long before Texas. I think Texas is more likely to re-hire Mack Brown than hire Gruden. Gruden has NFL written all over him.

Little John

This just in; Gruden's agent and Texas booster looked into Texas job and it's not going to happen. It doesn't sound official but it most certainly is. Rich boosters like this guy have an inordinate amount of say at Universities and Colleges.


Can't imagine why Jon Gruden would even consider going to Texas.

Texas needs a high profile college coach. One that can recruit. If Texas does not hire a high profile successful coach they might as well have kept Brown.

The presure will be big time on whomever they hire.

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