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Why Saban would leave could be the same reason Franchione left Alabama

Nick-Saban-ToledoThe longer a contract offer sits on Alabama head coach Nick Saban's desk and remains unsigned the more likely it seems that Mr. Saban will be the next head coach at the University of Texas-Austin.

As noted before, Saban is a wonderful liar and the time may be just about right for Saban to actually leave Tuscaloosa.This is his seventh season at Alabama, the longest stop of his career.

While no one rejects a multi-million dollar raise, which is what Saban would surely sign, this could be more about wanting out of Alabama than it does wanting more cash, or Texas. He may way Austin more than he wants Texas.

He would not be the first Alabama coach to "want out".

In 2002, Dennis Franchione had just completed his second season as the head coach at Alabama when he suddenly split for Texas A&M and College Station. Despite telling the world he would never leave and he was committed to guiding Alabama through difficult NCAA sanctions, he left.

Fran2_mediumOne of the primary reasons he left was that both he and his wife found just living and operating in Tuscaloosa to be cumbersome, and bothersome. They felt trapped by the celebrity of being the Alabama head football coach, and its spouse.

Being the head coach of a major college program in a college town can be both wonderful - you run the place and enjoy many special privileges - but it can also be exhausting. Going out to the grocery store, or trying to eat dinner at a restaurant, can be an adventure. That's when you win. If you lose, forget it. Live in the basement.

The University of Texas is a massive school, but Austin is no longer just a college town. It has morphed into one of the nation's most attractive cities with plenty of A-list types who either live in, or frequent, the city enough that the Saban's may have more room to breathe. 

God knows he doesn't need the money. At 62, Nick Saban may just be looking for a different city to retire.

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eat it bama

Alabama fans are going to be crying a river. Saban is gone. texas is going to give him and his assistants a mountain of cash. The #1 coach belongs at the #1 football program in the nation.

lost boy

Nice article. Sweet sentiments. Saban is gone.


This Just IN

Saban's agent is all over Texas. I have a job here in Austin that gives me a little special access. Saban might not take the job but there is lots of talk going on. I don't know how it will end but I'm thinking Saban is first up to say yes or no in Texas

Anthony Piazza

Saban going to Texas? in your dreams......

John James

Looks like Saban went with the #1 program in College Football….The University of Alabama. Amazing how it is now apparent he was NEVER a candidate for the Texas job.

the only thing big in texas is egos

Where are all these I'd!ots now? Texas sucks and will get a 3rd tier coach because noone wants to goto a place where you have twenty bosses. Texas has won how many championships?? OVERRATED

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