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Aggies & Ponies not giving up on top ranked recruit

307343EULESS, Texas - This is not football news, but for fans of both SMU and Texas A&M, props to their repsective basketball coaches for trying.

While interviewing 6-foot-11 Euless Trinity senior center Myles Turner on Wednesday afternoon, in walked Texas A&M men's basketball coach Billy Kennedy. Oddly, he was not stopping by to see me.

His Aggies had played the previous night in Lexington, Kentucky - a 68-51 loss against UK - and he took a detour to talk to the second-ranked national recruit.  Another frequent visitor of Mr. Turner is SMU men's basketball coach Larry Brown.

In case you are wondering, Turner does not list either SMU or A&M among his final favorites to attend college next season. Those are Arizona, Kentucky, Kansas, Texas, Oklahoma State, Duke and Ohio State.

Turner is the highest-ranked recruit left not to committ.

He and his father, who was present at the interview while Kennedy popped in, said they would not make an announcement until the May signing period. 

Myles Turner said since he has not made up his mind, he certainly respects the recruiting process and is more than receptive to talking to coaches such as Kennedy, or Brown or anyone else who wants to stop by and say hello.

If somehow Brown is able to lure Turner to SMU, it would be a mother load coup; the Ponies already signed Prime Prep guard Emmanuel Mudiay, the No. 5 recruit in the nation.

Can't blame either coach for trying. Turner is just about as impressive of a 17-year-old basketball player as you could find. 

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pony up

Larry Brown is old but that guy darn near invented basketball. I don't see how this kid doesn't end up in Larry Brown's stable of talent next year.


Don't know why Turner wouldn't want to stay close to home while being taught by a NBA and College Hall of Fame Coach. If I was a one and done, I would want my family to go to as many games as possible.


I hope not. Go to Duke young man and learn from the best coaching staff in the NCAA and get one or two years of top flight education.

Randy Frame

I have tremendous respect for Larry Brown. He's come to the Ponies and doing things you would expect of a coach in his prime: rebuilding a program. SMU is becoming a very fun team to watch.

get the ball

You are tooooo slow Kentucky! Larry Brown has this kid in the bag!!!! Welcome to SMU!!!


Where the heck is Trent? The Frogs should be on his list.

trojan strong

This kid is going to shock the world with where he goes. Everybody at school knows it but the media is clueless.

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