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Art Briles got schooled

UnknownArt Briles said when the Fiesta Bowl matchup was announced that they respect all of their opponents; Wednesday night's game against Central Florida is evidence to the contrary.

Hard to believe in a season where Briles' name was as hot as any coach in the country that in the finale he would get crushed by a team that barely beat Temple.

Alas, this was not the ending Baylor was expecting to its finest season since 1734. Central Florida defeated 52-42 in the Fiesta Bowl on Wednesday evening in a finale that could work out better for Baylor long term - this was an awful resume tape for Briles to show the University of Texas or the Washington Redskins.

If he does leave, there is no way any owner or AD is going to green light him bringing defensive coordinator Phil Bennett.

Despite Briles' signing a 10-year extension a while back, absolutely no one is ruling Briles out for the jobs in DC or in Austin.  According to a Tweet from Chip Brown of, UT AD Steve Patterson wants to talk to Briles but "Baylor is not worried." How high is that buyout?

398-qj7dC.St.55Against UCF, Baylor looked disorganized, arrogant and like a team that believed how great it was. That is often the case in a many bowl games - Alabama v. Utah a few years ago in the Sugar Bowl comes to mind. Sometimes there is nothing a coach can do to prevent a bunch of teenagers and 20 year-olds against over confidence. Baylor was a 16.5 point favorite.

But considering this was Baylor's first appearance in a big-money (i.e. BCS) game, over confidence should not have been an issue.

That Baylor's defense was exposed is not a surprise - the Bears are built to get a lead, and force the other team to pass. UCF took a 14-0 lead, and never trailed thus allowing them to keep running the ball.

The surprise is that a team that won the Big 12 completely lost it; 17 penalties for 135 yards is not flattering for the coaching staff.

Central Florida is good, and coach George O' Leary knows what he is doing. He has a good team.

To judge Briles, or Baylor's season, based on this one game against an underrated team is stupid but this does not look good. The Bears' historic season deserved a better conclusion than being on the wrong side of a blowout in prime time.

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BU helped prove an important point....the Big 12 (minus 2) is a joke in 2013.

Ricky R.

I've been saying it forever. Briles is a good guy and a good coach, but he doesn't belong in the big time. He carries himself well, works hard, but wouldn't know how to find big time football with a road map. (which means he is a perfect fit for the Redskins) If you are a TCU fan, Texas fan...or anybody that has to face this clown, just know you have a really good chance of winning. Briles would make an awesome high school coach but he just doesn't know his x's and o's in big time college coaching (or pro's)

I Am Not An Idiot Sports Writer

From the 12.24.2013 Big Mac Blog: "Baylor v. Central Florida is a ticket to a blowout. UCF is not going to Boise State the BCS. The Bears are 16.5 point favorites. Baylor fans should not have to pay extra to watch this pre-arranged dog,..."

Looks like Briles wasn't the only one to get schooled.

Bryan J Smith

Ummm ... UCF played 3 top 10 teams this year, beat 2 of them and list a 3rd by 3 points.

To point to the Temple game where 5 Freshmen we're playing only their 1st or 2nd game due to injuries, and blew assignments, is to overlook UCF far worse than Briles allegedly did. Even Urban Meyer had to explain to his own Ohio media last year that UCF has size abs can control the line of scrimmage.

UCF isn't a team of a few skill players, but a ball control, pro set offense. That's why no one has blown out UCF for over 4 seasons. Just because people don't know these facts is no reason to bring up Temple over and over. UCF still "blew out" 4 of the 7 teams it "should have" this year.

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