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BREAKING: No one wants to coach Texas

UnknownSafe to say the Powers that be (get it? ... that's good stuff, I need to copyright that) did not expect every coach in the United States to extend its middle finger to the University of Texas-Austin, but they are all only too happy to cash in on the leverage for a raise.

Alabama's Nick Saban said he never spoke to the people in Austin about the job, although he failed to mention whether his agent ever did. Saban just used the threat of another job for a raise. Perhaps those distractions explained his team's two-game season-ending losing streak.

Florida State's Jimbo Fisher just signed an extension to remain at FSU.

Fresh off having his fanny kicked in the Fiesta Bowl by Central Florida, Baylor coach Art Briles issued a press release via Baylor that said he will not pursue any other coaching job. Good move. He signed a 10-year extension.

The latest name was Jim Mora Jr. at UCLA. But according to a Tweet from Chris Foster of the LA Times, "No talks, no chance. Mora will see Longhorns: as UCLA coach in Sept. game".

One of the major problems UT may have in luring away a coach from another top program is that all of these places are paying millions of dollars to coach football. There is a quality of life issue. The perception is that UT comes with more hassles - i.e. The Longhorn Network - and political landmines that other gigs.

And Lord knows just because you coach Texas does not a guarantee of a national title. 

So ... Charlie Strong, David Shaw and James Franklin, what are you doing these days?

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Haha! So the horn's have offed and been rejected by:

1. Nick Saban - Rejected
2. Jim Harbaugh - Rejected
3. John Harbaugh - Rejected
4. Mike Tomlin - Rejected
5. John Gruden - Rejected
6. Urban Meyer - Rejected
7. Art Briles - Rejected

We are at tier 4 coaches now. What a pile of horse crap Deloss has left us in.


Yeah, the actually haven't offered the job to anyone. They haven't been rejected by anyone. They haven't said they've interviewed anyone.

I suspect the Texas coaching search is far more dramatic in the national media than it is in real life.


COLD BUSTED!!!! Longhorns can't buy a coach OR a National Title. It takes a whole lot more than a bag of cash to build a winner. Texas would love to flash some cash around but it ain't going so well is it!!!!


David Shaw has also said publicly he's not interested in leaving Stanford.

Dumb Aggie

Yeah, I actually haven't offered myself to Salma Hayek, Minka Kelly, or lianne Hough. I haven't been rejected by anyone.

Granny Jean

After Art Briles standing on the sidelines with egg on his face I doubt Texas wanted him. Forth in the nation in penalties, no defense to speak of and very haphazard team? After seeing them have there butts handed to them on a platter neither Texas nor the Redskins wanted him. I'm sure his statement about not going anywhere was strictly to save face since no one had ask him except the not too smart media


The media is having a lot of fun with this one but they don't know jack. Texas will make a good hire by Jan 15 and none of us know who has been offered- probably no one at this point.


The fact of the matter is this: Texas has not been a consistently dominating force in college football since, well, since 1970. That's over 40 years of mediocrity with one National Championship in a conference. This is how bad it is: Texas A&M is 16-16 versus the Longhorns over the past 32 years. Texas A&M? Baylor is 3-1 over the past 4 years. Texas has played weak competition, game in, and game out, over the past 4 decades. While the Aggies had the guts to move over to the SEC -- Texas did not. The Powers That Be (TPTB) in Austin only want to play weak sisters in a weak conference. Problem is -- there is this big sucking sound coming from the SEC: The Aggies, LSU, Alabama, Georgia, and Florida are all getting the TALENT in Texas high school commits. Look at how two Aggie commits dominated the UA game yesterday (Noil and Garrett). So, who wants to coach at a school that FIRED its last TWO LEGENDS? Yes, less we forget - Darrell Royal was shown the door when he had two bad seasons. Mack was shown the door after three mediocre seasons. When LEGENDS get fired and in-State opponents are ruling the roost -- who wants that job? Answer: NOBODY!!!

Totally Fried

Now is the time with the worse winter in NE history, for Texas to ask Bill Belichick if he wants some sunshine and a mansion over looking the Guadalupe River and $15 million a year spending cash?

He's a great evaluator of NFL talent and a direct route to the NFL for young high school lions.

What does Austin have to loose?

horns down

This job search is a total embarrassment. How can the richest, maybe the best program in the country, not have a line of quality coaches outside its door. We look like idiots. I love Texas but this is a total embarrassment. I hope to God we can pull this circus together and hire a darn good coach.

Henry Sharp

Can the horns blow this hiring process any more than they already are??? Texas isn't going anywhere. They peaked with Mack Brown. Maybe they can hire an nice high school coach.

Jim White

I know Will Muschamp had a bad year at Florida, but I wonder if he would make a good candidate to replace Brown. He is a good coach and he does have UT-Austin coaching experience.


I sure hope the media is getting this all wrong and that Texas has somebody all ready to go but maybe still in a bowl or pro playoffs? But on the outside looking in it looks like total chaos on the 40 acres and nobody wants to deal with it.


Among major college football teams UT has the 7th best won loss record in the nation since 1970. From 1970 to 1983 they contended most of the time and of course 2001-09 was a dominant run.


Sorry Texas haters but the Longhorns opening was good enough for Charlie Strong....good luck whoever you root for.

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