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Dallas Cowboys have market cornered on this

Hello_Loser_by_HaloKitty10461Because it makes no sense it makes perfect sense for the Dallas Cowboys. With the hiring of Scott Linehan as passing game coordinator, the Cowboys now have five coaches on staff who have been a head coach on the pro or college level.

Just in case the final year of Jason Garrett's contract is a dud, and the team starts 1-5, Jerry Jones is loaded with potential interim coaches who know what it takes to lose football games. Between college and pro, these five men have coached 20-plus seasons and posted four winning seasons.

Head coach Jason Garrett: 29-27 with Dallas Cowboys (0 winning records)
Def coord. Rod Marinelli: 10-38 with Detroit Lions (0 winning records)
O line coach Bill Callahan: 15-17 with Oakland Raiders (1 winning record, 1 AFC title)
O line coach Bill Callahan: 27-22 with Nebraska (2 winning records, 1-1 in bowls)
Passing game coord. Scott Linehan: 11-25 with St. Louis Rams (0 winning records)
WR coach Derek Dooley: 15-21 at, Tennessee (0 winning record, 0-1 in bowls)
WR coach Derek Dooley: 17-20 at La Tech (1 winning record, 1-0 in bowls) 

It should be noted that Bill Callahan, who just had his duties as primary play caller stripped, is the biggest winner of this collection of winners.

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Wow. Add up those numbers and you get 124 wins and 170 losses. That's an impressive coaching staff you've assembled there, Jerry Jones.


When it comes to Jerry you can't fix stupid

Looking For A Reason

As the Cowboys have proven for almost 20 years now, having a bevy of different coaches and former head coaches does not equate to success.

AND for that matter, neither does having the same President and General Manager.

David is right; "you can't fix stupid" and add "arrogant" to that point.

Jerry's insistence on being right and doing things his way has been a pathway to financial success but not on having a winning team. Last 17 years = 136 and 136.

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