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Don't bet against this Ranger

Colby-lewis-1ARLINGTON, Texas - While we wait on the healthy return of lefty Matt Harrison to the Texas Rangers' rotation after missing a full season, do not forget that Colby Lewis is trying once again to come back from yet another surgery.

Common sense says that at 34 years of age and having missed all of 2013 because of a hip issue that his body will win the war in his attempt to keep pitching. If this was just about any other guy the smart money is to bet Colby Lewis is finished. But since it's Colby Lewis, keep the cash in your wallet. He has a history of making people look stupid.

"I've learned not to bet against Colby Lewis," Rangers GM Jon Daniels told me.

Lewis is coming off hip surgery last year where part of the socket was shaved down to fit better, and allow for a more pain-free existence.

Rangers pitching coach Mike Maddux said Wednesday that he has seen video of Lewis pitching, and the range of motion looks dramatically increased. 

"It looks like he went in a time machine," Maddux said. "That procedure he had, no one has really had it before. If anyone can do, it's Colby Lewis."

If somehow Lewis can return to the pitching he was, he eats up many of the innings that injured starter Derek Holland (knee) took to the disabled list. Lewis may never be a lockdown ace, but the man is a pro who is not afraid.

In 2012, Lewis was 6-6 in 16 starts with a 4.43 earned run average. In 2010 and '11, he threw at least 200 innings.

After having been through so much in his career, from multiple surgeries to pitching professionally in Japan, what does he have to fear?

There is no guarantee that this time he will come back and be the same guy, but at this point to bet against him would be stupid.

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Looking For A Reason

The Rangers once again will try to "out hit" others in order to make the playoffs and a world serious.

They tried to load up the lineup and are praying that players improve over their last season full of .260 or less bats.

However, the starters and relievers are like a "medicare" list hanging around the whirlpool. Making the other AL West teams looking more like contenders than protenders.

The pitching load will again fall on Darvish and Perez, as the team looks for innings, before it falls on a frail bullpen.

It's never good when your GM is talking about "A" and "AA" pitchers to step up.

We can only hope! Maybe that's why ticket prices are talked about?

Rob Tentoy

All I know is, Jon Boy got full control and immediately started going for expensive sluggers.

Cuz that has worked so well all of the other times the Rangers built teams with that mentality.

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