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Extended Q&A with Gary Patterson

2qlox.St.58For TCU and Big 12 football junkies, here are some of the other highlights from my extended interview with Horned Frogs head football coach Gary Patterson ...

Has this been your most difficult offseason? No. I've been here before; 2004 - the year befor we beat Oklahoma. The key for me is going back to the way I used to be. The best thing that happened to us (in 2004) was no one paid any attention to us. 

Why are new co-offensive coordinators Doug Meacham and Sonny Cumbie good fits for this staff? Both guys are blue collar. They have been an unbelievable fit. They are grinders. They are amazing recruiters. They have meshed really well with the staff. They both bring knowledge of how to throw the football, and attack people vertically. It was something I thought we needed. This was not about the coaches we had. We had good coaches.

Would Trevone Boykin be your starting quarterback? He's the only returning guy so you would have to say that. When Doug Meacham was at Houston, the top two guys were true freshmen and they weren't there in the spring. The guys that are here do have the advantage of being in the system. The quarterback is not my biggest thing.

UnknownWhat is that? We have to get better up front. We have two extra running backs. We have to do a better job of catching the ball. ... You have to look at we were within a touchdown or overtime, even with all that was happening. That was with us not playing well at certain positions. 
But you are making a mistake if you say, 'We are so close.' No, go back to the beginning and start with the attitude and chemistry and be the strongest team you can be. We are not accepting where we are. I'n not allowing that at all. You can't accept that people are going to push you around.

It's one thing to have a lot of upperclassmen, and another to have good upperclassmen - what do you have? Well, I'm hopefuly for the maturity level. These guys are talking a lot differently than they did their freshman or sophomore year. We have to do a better job as coaches, and do a better job as a group.

Devonte-fieldsA common knock is that this (4-8) season is a sign that TCU was always overrated, and is in over its head; what do you say that? I do think if you had taken our 2008 or '09 team we would have been fine. I'm not going to give anybody a way out. How do we become what we want to become? No one said when they play the TCU Horned Frogs is a pushover game. 
How many teams that came into the Big 12 didn't win a road game? We have done some good things.
And we are going to have 10 games next year in the state of Texas. 
If our kids are who I think they are, they'll be ready to go. If not, we'll prove people right.

Where is (DE) Devonte Fields on his return? I don't know. He went from the highest point to the lowest, and now he has to build it back up and deciding what he wants to be. What he wants to be off the field. He's a good kid.

What happened to (WR) Brandon Carter? It's another guy who has to grow up. He's a good kid. It's the same thing (as Fields). We are getting fewer and fewer knuckleheads. Pretty soon the team takes care of itself. We are closer than we've been since the Rose Bowl.

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The Reality

Great interview. Hope TCU can push for the Big 12 crown. Would be great for the Big 12 for all its teams to be really competitive and successful but especially their team in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Go Frogs! Go Big 12!

Al, Fort Worth

I'm a big fan of Gary's. Even if his teams were producing marginal winning seasons I would still root for him. As long he runs a clean program, recruits good kids, and puts discipline student athletes before bad behavior, I am all in. I'd like to see him win more games but I'm very okay with the direction he is taking the program.

Rob Tentoy

What Al said. Get back to a program that DOESN'T put winning above all else. Bad apples? Don't reward them just because they are good at football.
And starting some kid with a history of screw-ups as your QB and sticking to that plan even though it doesn't work is nothing to be proud of either. Pachall didn't need to play football to "turn his life around" and it was detrimental to the entire program.

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