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Fort Worth Cats need to sign A-Rod

2008719310Shortly after signing a 10-year, $252 million contract with the Texas Rangers, Alex Rodriguez never missed an opportunity to profess how much he loved to play the game. He would go so far as to say he would pay to play. Pretty sure his agent would have shot him in such an event.

We will soon find just how much A-Rod loves to play when MLB kicks him out, which will open the door for the Fort Worth Cats to bring home our favorite son. This needs to happen. Fort Worth Cats Alex Rodriguez Bobblehead Night needs to be a reality.

In case you hate A-Rod (good chance), no longer care about A-Rod (very good chance), or somehow have missed this insufferably long story (not possible) - Mr. Rodriguez has been suspended for the 2014 season by MLB for violating the drug policy. He says he's innocent.

The specifics of this case were spelled out in this 60 Minutes report, in which the details of are none too flattering for A-Rod. He is suing everybody from Major League Baseball to the Major League Baseball Player's Union. How he is suing a union that helped him make more than $250 million is amazing.

It is doubtful A-Rod will play in the MLB this season. It is easier to envision he will never play in Major League Baseball again.

He is 37, and still can play. And he loves to play. This is not just about money, of which by now he should have plenty. He wants to play baseball. Depending just how badly he wants to play, unaffiliated minor league baseball would welcome him in spite of the flaws and bruises on his resume.

ImagesMLB has no authority to prevent him from becoming a Cat. Or a St. Paul Saint. Or a Newark Bear.

Traditionally, unaffiliated minor league baseball teams will do just about anything to sell a few more tickets, and generate interest. Adding A-Rod to the Fort Worth Cats would do just that.

Guys who want to play the game will drop down to this level just to keep playing - Rickey Henderson played for years in unaffiliated ball because he obviously loved it.

A-Rod told us how much he loved to play. We will soon find out.

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so long

I can see A-Rod doing this as a stunt not because he loves baseball. He probably does love baseball but he loves loves loves that cash and the fan-fare. He loves the attention MLB brings him. It would be great for The Cats or any team to snag him but I liken this story to Terrell Owens signing with IFL Wranglers. Cute idea but probably not a lot of staying power. A-Rod and his drugs were great in their day but 37 probably isn't the best time to 're-take' the field.


He is under contract with the Yankees. Guys get suspended every year by MLB for different banned substances but they don't then go play in other leagues.

Big Mac Blog

Manny Ramirez, table for one!


The lying to people and sleaziness factors match up between A-Roid and the Cats owners.


There is no way to pay A-FRAUD, Panther City Baseball (their real name) can't afford to pay their rent, electric and phone bills. The only reason they have stayed alive is their heritage in this area. No one wants A-FRAUD, not even the lowly Ft Worth Cats...

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