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Fort Worth's own to make film debut next month in Wilt Chamberlain bio

UnknownThis has only taken forever, but we are a few weeks away from North Crowley grad and current Kansas Jayhawk reserve Justin Wesley's film debut.

The Wilt Chamberlain bio "Jayhawkers" will premiere next month in Lawrence, Kansas. Wesley portrayed Chamberlain in the film, which was filmed in Lawrence in and Topeka in 2012.

Pictured here is Wesley, dressed as Wilt, with actor Kip Niven, who is cast as "Phog" Allen, the legendary Jayhawks coach who recruited Wilt to KU.

Wesley's older brother, former North Crowley and Kansas guard, Keith Langford Tweeted: "Words can't express how proud I am of this young man!!"

Keith is currently playing professionally in Milan, Italy (and cleaning up).

Click here for the film's website. No, this is not some monster Hollywood production; rather it is a small, indy flick that chronicles the recruitment of Wilt to KU and the impact it had on race relations.

Can't tell from the trailer, below, if the film is going to be any good and capitalize on a fascinating story. The plan was for the film to be submitted to the 2014 Sundance Film festival, but it does not look like it made the cut.



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Wilt would still dominate in today's NBA. The individual records he set may never be broken: 100 points in a game, averaging 50 points a game, averaging 22 rebounds a game, etc.. His teams won tons of regular season games, but he ended his career with only two championships (still two more than anyone else won during the Celtic dynasty). Pity that he is sort of an afterthought now when listing all-time greatest NBA centers.

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