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Johnny Manziel is a coin flip as a pro

250px-Johnny_Manziel_in_Kyle_FieldTo the disappointment of many of the Texas A&M academic community, Johnny Manziel will not be returning to College Station to pursue any more classes. The A&M QB is going to pro. Gotta admit - did not see that coming. Thought he would stay to earn his graduate degree, online of course, and play two more years for Coach Sumlin.

Now that Manziel has made himself available for the 2014 NFL Football draft, it's time to undress his abilities and clearly state why he will be a total failure. This is the time when all great players get killed. Manziel will be a first round pick - it's a question of where. As to how good he will be in the pros, who knows? 

History says, Johnny Football is a 50/50 shot. At best.

Here is a look at all of the QBs drafted in the first round since 2000. As you can see, there are great, good and complete busts.

Chad Pennington, 18, Jets. Threw for more than 17,000 yards with 102 TDs. 

Michael Vick, 1, Falcons. Passed for 21,489 yards with 128 TDs. Reached NFC title game with Falcons.

David Carr, 1, Texans. Bust
Joey Harrington, 1, Lions. Bust
Patrick Ramsey, 32, Redskins. Career backup

Carson Palmer, 1, Bengals. 213 TDs. Man can play. Always been on bad teams.
Byron Leftwich, 7, Jaguars 10 year pro who started 50 games. 
Kyle Boller, 19, Ravens. Bust.
Rex Grossman, 22, Bears. Oh. God. Did reach Super Bowl.

Eli Manning, 1, Chargers (dealt to NYG). Won 2 Super Bowls.
Philip Rivers, 4, Giants (dealt to SD). Still starting. Reached AFC title game.
Ben Roethlisberger, 11, Steelers. Likely Hall of Famer.
J.P. Losman, 22, Bills. Who?

Alex Smith, 1, 49ers. Reached NFC title game. Took him a while but he’s solid.
Aaron Rodgers, 24, Packers. One of the league’s best.
Jason Campbell, 25, Redskins. Still playing. Nice backup.

Vince Young, 3, Titans. 31-19 as a starter; off field drama pushed him out of the league.
Matt Leinart, 10, Cardinals. Bust
Jay Cutler, 11, Broncos. Weird dude, but he is one of the better QBs today.

JaMarcus Russell, 1, Raiders. Total bust.
Brady Quinn, 22, Browns. Can’t play.

Matt Ryan, 3, Falcons. Had a bad year after reaching NFC title game.
Joe Flacco, 18, Ravens. Won a Super Bowl and lots of playoff games.

Matthew Stafford, 1, Lions. Can play. Still erratic.
Mark Sanchez, 5, Jets. Started out so strong, and now at a cross roads.
Josh Freeman, 17, Bucs. Can’t play.

Sam Bradford, 1, Rams. Shows flashes. He’s on a bad team. But he is part of their problem?
Tim Tebow, 25, Broncos. Bust.

Cam Newton, 1, Panthers. Man can play. Just can’t fly.
Jake Locker, 8, Titans. Probably a career backup.
Blaine Gabbert, 10, Jaguars. Can’t play.
Christian Ponder, 12, Vikings. Career backup.

Andrew Luck, 1, Colts. It’s all there.
Robert Griffin III, 2, Redskins. Suddenly a lot of questions about him.
Ryan Tannehill, 8, Dolphins. Too early to say. He’s played a lot in two years.
Brandon Weeden, 22, Browns. Can’t play.

E.J. Manuel, 16, Bills. Played a lot as a rookie; too early to know.


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I don't know what I hate more; you or this stupid blog. But you do make some good points. I like this article. It's interesting looking back at the top QB picks. I want to believe Johnny Football will be a star in the NFL. He has a lot of tangibles. He is a Russel Wilson wanna be. There just aren't too many Russel Wilsons out there. My heart says he will make it. My intellect says he won't. But my gut says he has the skills to play but not the body. I'm betting he gets the life crushed out of him. Drew Brees can throw and rarely runs. Russel Wilson can run and throw but if he wasn't a threat to run he wouldn't be as effective of a passer. I'm betting Johnny has the arm and the intellect but some linebacker will end up stopping his clock. Don't bet on Johnny Football making it much past 3 years. I'm betting it's a short, unsuccessful trip to the NFL. Hopefully it will be fun to watch and hopefully I'm wrong.

gretchen smith

Did you leave out Andy Dalton for a reason?

gretchen smith

Just figured out he was not a first round pick!

Rob Tentoy

To me, his biggest weaknesses are found in his head. He's arrogant, entitled, and has anger management issues.
Cam Newton has shown that there is some hope for getting beyond a certain level of problems like this, But I honestly don't know if Johnny is gonna be able to keep himself in check and make his rookie & sophomore years the effective learning and adjustment years this kid MUST have. I'm just really not sure his ego will allow for much disappointment.

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