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Jon Daniels joins Jerry Jones in the Dallas Liars Club

Jason-garrett-9695599f2c1e4668ARLINGTON, Texas - Because all of us were born yesterday, or the day before yesterday, we are to believe that a head coach/manager entering the final year of his contract with no hint of a guarantee of an extension is a good thing.

This is what Texas Rangers general manager Jon Daniels is selling about manager Ron Washington, who is in the final year of his contract. JD did today to a gathering of the media that watched a handful of the Rangers workout at the Ballpark.

"I just don't like commenting on anyone's status," Daniels said as he complimented Washington's work (611-524, 2 AL pennants in 7 seasons). "We know what he's about."

He also said: "He's been a huge part of what we've done here. I expect that to continue going forward."

Roughty 1,000 miles south east of Randol Mill Road in Arlington sat Cowboys owner/GM/president/asst. head coach Jerry Jones in Mobile, Ala. at the Senior Bowl expressing similar feelings for his head coach. The only difference is there is no hard confirmation that Jason Garrett is in the final year of his deal, although it is widely believed that '14 is his last season under contract.

Jerry told reporters at the Senior Bowl he is in "no rush" to extend JG. How could he be?
He also said that Garrett coaching in the final year of his contract is "mistakenly taken as if the future is not there, and that's wrong."

And that is also a load.

UnknownBank this - unless Wash and Coach Process win in 2014, this is it for both.

JD said he did not think a clubhouse will be affected by Wash's contract status. He did not say whether or not he believed in the bogeyman.

Every player looks at his head coach, or manager, differently if he doesn't have the security and backing of management. Security and backing is an extension. JD knows this, too.

The final year of a deal tests a head coach/manager to the extreme. If they play for him then, they care and he has a chance. If they don't, he's done.

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kelly lewis in big D

I don't think coach process is done yet. I think even if he goes 8-8 oorr worse their is still a chance JJ keeps him around. Jerry loves money and he loves having somebody to blame. Having coach process on hand assures him he won't have to pay top dollar for an expensive coach and coach process will gladly take the blame.


Roughly 1000 miles from Arlington to Mobile, AL?

That's pretty rough mac...round trip maybe. ...
Just about 550sh miles.


I agree that Garrett and Washington will both be gone if their teams don't make the playoffs, but Washington has the better team to work with and I like his chances of getting a contract extension better than Garrett's.


Daniels should be gone as well as GM Jerry. lol

Looking For A Reason

Mac, in both circumstances the fans keep both managers in their roles since the money is flowing in tickets, concessions, parking,souvenirs and big television contracts.

Jerry has openly stated as much, "that was entertainment out there today," in a season ending loss to Philly and 3 straight 8 and 8 seasons.

It's okay to be mediocre because Jerry loves the money and his notoriety the constant cameras bring him.

R Hall

John Daniels should have never got cross ways with Nolan Ryan. Ryan was really the only one who knows baseball. Daniels should not be a General Manager anywhere.


When is Jon. Daniels going to get rid of himself. He's ruined a perfectly good team because of his ego.

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