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Need forces TCU's hand at tackle

Tayo-fabuluje-quit-tcu-horned-frogsThe last person expected to be welcomed back to the TCU football team is a guy who quit two weeks the day fall camp started for the start of the 2013 season.

Regardless, the reason Tayo Fabuluje was welcomed back to the TCU football team is that he is 6-foot-7, 315 pounds with pretty good feet, and fills a need.

If you recall, head coach Gary Patterson was livid when Fabuluje left the team to transfer back to BYU last fall. It made an offensive line that was short on talent and experience thinner. There was plenty of name-calling at Fabuluje, who in August of 2013 told the Desert News, "just got admitted (Wednesday). I'm coming back to BYU!"

The thought was he did not like football, and was only using both TCU and BYU for free school.

2010: BYU redshirt. Did not play. 
2011: TCU transfer season. Did not play.
2012: Started 12 games at TCU.
2013: Transferred to BYU. Enrolled. Did not play.
2014: Back to TCU.

By the looks of it, had all credit hours transferred back and forth, he may have been able to earn his degree by now.

Fabuluje is not a bad kid. This is not a criminal. What is not good is his personal situation. Sad and difficult are good places to start.

 As evidenced by the second-chance  Patterson extended quarterback Casey Pachall, GP likes to help a kid out ... especially when they can help out his team.

Fabuluje reached out to TCU last month, and sources said GP sat on this for a while weighing the pros and cons of the decision, seeking opinions of many of the support staff. Fabuluje wrote letters to the GP, and other members of the TCU administration, apologzing and asking for another shot.

This is a case of need for both. TCU needs Fabuluje's talent. He should start at left tackle immediately, and instantly makes a bad offensive line better.

There is risk involved - does GP think Fabuluje cares? Does he want to play football, or is the game something he merely tolerates? Will he quit, or half-a** it?

Only he knows that, and TCU should find out soon enough. It's a risk worth taking.

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Go Froggy Go

GP is desperate to win. The GP that won the Rose Bowl would have never taken this guy back. Tayo is not a bad kid is just a quitter. His heart is easy to question. If his heart was in it, he would be on a lot of NFL team's radars. I gotta think this is a real reach for GP. Let's hope it works out for our Frogs.

#1 Baylor

TCU can have this cast off, never was, no-wanting-to-play player. The Frogs are going to need all the help they can get next year.

Reality hitting you in the face

UCF > Baylor

Good job failing to sell out the Fiesta Bowl


I really can't believe you would hit on either of the kids.

As usual you write about something you have no talent for and that is empathy. Hoping someday you get a taste of what it's like trying to fight back after adversity. If the kid had transferred and tried to play for BYU then it might be a different story. Instead he transferred because of family problems. Have you ever had the problem he had? Oops that is right we don't know what the real problem was. I can think of a thousand good reasons for what he did but you seem to find only one to bash him with and that is "your opinion". Pretty sad!

Rob Tentoy

Maybe he just didn't have enough heart to try and protect that waste of time QB Patterson forced on everybody.


mac your a puto and always will be a puto!

Martin Cash @ Pittsburg

We need him. If anybody can get him to play it will be Gary. We need him.


Its a reach to think this guy has any desire to play

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