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Texas coaching search - time to ask the race question

Charlie-strong-p1Even in 2014 the question must be asked - is there any reason why none of the candidates being floated  to replace Mack Brown as head coach at Texas is not African-American?

Yes, Las Vegas put University of Louisville head coach Charlie Strong as the favorite to land the job but thus far every name associated to replace Mack Brown has been a white dude:

Nick Saban, Art Briles, Jim Mora Jr., Jimbo Fisher, Jon Gruden and on and on.

If James Franklin, David Shaw and Strong or any other black coach is not on the list for any reason other than the fact Steve Patterson and CYA Committee of 8 believes there are superior choices they are idiots.

UPDATE - Chip Brown of is reporting that UT has interviewed Franklin and Strong.

UT and Austin may be two of the most liberal places in aconservative Texas, but ... the major players at UT in terms of dollars are older white dudes. Dumb as it sounds, it's true there could be some older white guys out there who aren't comfortable with an African-American in power.

But there could have been such people in College Station when they hired Kevin Sumlin. That's kinda worked.

I am not a believer that an African-American coach will attract "top African American" talent; if that was the case, all white coaches would lose. Good is good. Turner GIl is African-American, and the man is a horrible head coach. Kevin Sumlin is an African-American, and obviously is damn good at his job.

UnknownWe should be at a point where we evaluate coaches based solely on their record. If he stinks, get him out regardless of race, or the size of his buyout. If he is good, slap the man with an extension and build him a statue.

This is 2014, and a school would be wise to hire an alien from Mars if they thought he could win 12 games and reach a BCS game. 

In fairness to UT and its selection process, it has not announced some list of white guys. The names being floated are from media reports, but it's probably not a coincidence all of these guys are signing extensions at the threat of leaving.

Who hasn't? Shaw. Franklin. Strong.

Vegas is seldom wrong, so maybe Strong will be the next coach at UT. 

At this point, we can all agree the only 'W' that matters is the win, not whether the coach is White.

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i really hope Texas get Strong he is a good coach not a good black coach


There is absolutely no reason to bring up race. It isn't a factor here. In fact, it may be just the opposite. Of the 124 programs, 15 have African American coaches. That means 12% of division 1 head coaches are black.

Since Shaw, Franklin, and Strong make up 3 out of, let's say, 10 possible coaches, Texas is still considering a higher ratio of African American coaches than that which currently exists in division 1 football.

The only reason why Strong and Franklin aren't hired yet are because of either timing or reservations about their likeliness to succeed in the position. Shaw won't be leaving Stanford since him and his wife are graduates and love the area.

Stop creating a story when there is not one to be made...


Woops, I forgot the most important part. Shaw and Strong both signed extensions in late 2012/early 2013. Their universities are also least likely to panic if their head coaches were lost. Vanderbilt is finally getting recruits and Louisville is making a name for itself nationally and is moving to the ACC.


Wasn't Shaw's name mentioned as soon as Saban took himself out of the running by signing a contract extension at 'Bama? And wasn't it Shaw that said he is happy where he currently coaches, thus removing himself from consideration?


Really your making this about race. Thats whats wrong with the media, got to stir stuff up.


What a stupid article! You imply Texas is racist for not looking at Black HC When in fact they are very interested in David Shaw, Charlie Strong, and James Franklin Jeez do some research before you write an article!!!

Rob Tentoy

The Big Hack Blog Strikes again!


Where have you been? From everything I've read, Franklin and Strong ARE the leading candidates! Either do some actual research or get back up under that rock you've been under.


Charlie Strong expected to be named Texas coach.
So how does that crow taste

Rob Tentoy

Baylor, Stanford, Alabama, & tOSU

I'm guessing those were Mac Stupid's Bowl picks


Mac Engel is an idiot. Strong has been one of the top candidates all along and reports now say he is the next coach. Franklin has been mentioned quite a bit and is on the list. Shaw was mentioned at one time as well as even Sumlin.
There's no issue on race for this idiot to even make it into an issue. Do some damn homework before you write your next article, Mac.

Michael T

Why aren't any Handicapped Chinese-American Lesbian coaches being interviewed?



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