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Texas Rangers Nightmare: The Astros want to meet with Nolan

Despite repeated hints that he wasn't going to do this, Houston's favorite pitcher and the best thing ever to happen to the Texas Rangers is likely to meet with that other Texas team about a job: The Houston Astros think they can land Nolan once again as a free agent, this time as an executive.

Ryan_Nolan_11According to the above link and written by Jose de Jesus Ortiz of the Houston Chronicle, Astros owner Jim Crane said he hopes to meet with Ryan "pretty soon" about a job with the team.

If you did not think the new rivarly between the AL West members had any teeth, wait 'til Nolan comes to the Ballpark with the Astros. Note to Rangers GM Jon Daniels, and owners Ray Davis and Bob Simpson - you better pray you win a World Series before the Astros.

Not even the number-loving JD backers could save your hide on this one.

Ryan's son, Reid, is the team's president of baseball business operations. Despite Nolan's original intention of letting Reid do his own thing, perhaps the chance to work with his son, as well as the opportunity to help rebuild another Texas pro baseball club, is too great to ignore.

You might remember Nolan had some success with the Texas Rangers as an executive, but his time ended with the club last year when owners Bob Simpson and Ray Davis agreed to show Mr. Ryan the door in a power struggle.

Ryan is 66, and never said he was retiring. And no one thinks Nolan is going to live outside of this state.

"I think there's some interest from Nolan if it's the right opportunity," Crane told the Houston Chronicle.

The Astros were 51-111 in 2013, but do have a stocked minor league system and one of the lowest payrolls in the sport. 

If Crane will spend money, and it's doubtful Nolan would take the job to help run the Miami Marlins of Texas, the Astros are all set to win in a year or so.

Which, for the Rangers, would only be eclipsed by Game 6.

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Rob Tentoy

I hope he does join the Astros and they actually win a Series before Jon Boy & the Wangers


Mac, you and galloway are the only ones who think this is a Ranger nightmare.
The greater majority of Ranger fans are sooo glad the Nolan passive aggressive drama is over.

Love me some Nolan but it was getin' weird.
.....let it go

Lessee , which pieces did Nolan put on those world series teams? Lol ...let it go randymac


I'm not sure I agree with you regarding the Astros being set to win in a year or two. From top to bottom the Astros had the worst roster in baseball last year. You could have run a triple A team out there and posted more than 51 wins. They wound up losing their last 15 games in a row to end the season, and they didn't have one pitcher on their staff that finished with a winning record. Their offensive stats in all categories were at or near the bottom of the league. The Rangers/Astros played 19 times last year, and Texas won 17 (how did the Rangers lose two?). If Nolan does indeed wind up in Houston, don't expect much the first couple of years. The Houston Astros need to be completely rebuilt before you can mention them as a contending playoff team.

Dave Giles

I like Ryan's attitude -- if he goes to the Astros, so will I. We all have had enough of owners who have more dollars than sense.

Rodney Parker


I guess you don't pay any attention to what happens anywhere except the major league level. FYI, the Astros are already well on the road to rebuilding, with what is now considered the best farm system in baseball. Five of the top 100 MLB prospects are in the Astros' system, with three listed in the top 21.

With or without Nolan, look for Houston to add another 15-20 wins this season. Contention for the wild card race could happen as early as '15.

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