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Texas Strong is a risky hire

That stupid thing I wrote earlier about Texas not hiring a black head coach to replace Mack Brown? - yeeeeaaaaahhhhh .... I don't know who wrote that.

Turns out, according to Chip Brown of, Austin247, Brian Davis of the Austin-American Statesman and "media reports", UT has hired University of Louisville head coach Charlie Strong to replace Mack Brown. Or is really close.

ImagesKirk Bohls of the Austin American Statesman quotes a high-ranking UT source who says the job has been offered, and they expect Strong to accept. He is. Last year he turned down Tennessee. He is not turning down another orange UT for a second consecutive year.

Vegas had it all the way. Oddsmakers from Day 1 said Strong was the leading candidate.

As a sidenote - $100 says UT will hold the presser to introduce Strong late in the afternoon on Monday, just a couple of hours before the BCS title game.

This is a gutsy, massively risky hire. Strong is nothing like the men who coached the Horns before. And this has zero to do with the fact he is African American.

This is not a wine-and-cheese, country club head coach. He may be exactly what UT needs to break its repuation as a softy, Hallmark card program. He could also blow up and be overrun by the massive political machine that is Texas Longhorns football.

Many a savvy political animal have died in Austin before. 

Mack Brown's "resignation" was not about politics, rather entirely about results. If Texas Strong is successful, no one will care whether the man has the political touch of a starving donkey. The job before Strong is not easy, despite UT's advantage$$$$$$.

Baylor is rolling. Oklahoma could be the best team in the Big 12 next season. Okie State is not going away. Kansas State will always be a thorn with Bill Snyder. TCU is not going to roll over with Gary Patterson. Coach Dude Bro will run a competitve team at Texas Tech. And the team in College Station is doing OK, too.

Strong is 53, played at Central Arkansas, and has been in the big-time college coaching game since 1983, when he was an assistant at Florida. He has coached linebackers, wide receivers, defensive tackles, etc.; Louisville has been his only head coaching job, where he began in 2010.

2010: 7-6

2011: 7-6
2012: 11-2

2013: 12-1

If Strong can duplicate those last two seasons in Austin, all the time, great hire. If he just doesn't lose, he should do just fine.

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Jeff B.

Strong was an excellent DC at USC (real one) and is likely to do well at Texas. The only downside to his hire is that our hoped for successor to the HBC is likely taking a job that he'll have for a long time. This should be a good hire for my #2 College Team.


He is the "Anti-Mack". This ought to be fun to watch.


Is there anything Texas could do that you wouldn't criticize ???

Doug Olson

See the "pale bros" do the right thing. Don't be a hater.

star wars

This guy can coach. Too bad Texas sucks.

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