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The Dallas Mavericks must be kidding, Part XXIV

Andrew_Bynum_CavsI. First it was the Great Cap Clearout to sign Deron Williams, who was going to give the Dallas Mavericks a hometown discount. But when D-Will signed with Brooklyn, it turns out the Mavs never wanted him in the first place.

II. Then it was on to sign Chris Paul or Dwight Howard. Or both. 
Then CP3 stayed with the Clippers, and D12 liked Houston better than Dallas. No matter. The Mavs never wanted those guys in the first place. 

III. Then it was exploring Greg Oden's knees, and trying to sign former Lakers and 76ers center Andrew Bynum. When neither of those guys wanted the Mavs, it was all good. The Mavs didn't want them, either. 

Now here we are in early January, the Mavs in the playoff race with the eighth spot in the NBA's Western Conference, and once again they are fishing. The Mavs have a nice little team, which is the problem - they are little. They need a big.

ESPN is reporting the Mavs are one of eight teams to reach out to Bynum, who was recently traded by the Cavaliers and cut by the Bulls.

The Mavs need a rim protector in the worst way because 2013 free agent signee Samuel Dalembert doesn't care very much. But head coach Rick Carlisle does not need another big guy on his team he does not like.

UnknownBynum is another in a looooong line of tall men, who are fairly athletic, that just don't care that much about pro basketball other than the check. Kinda like Brendan Haywood, only with a geater upside, but a horse-bleep attitude and bad knees.

In 2011-'12, Bynum averaged 18.7 points and 11.8 rebounds. In eight NBA seasons, he has appeared in 82 games once - 2006-'07. He missed all of last season with the 76ers, and this season appeared in 24 games for the Cavs (8.4 ppg., 5.3 rpg.).

The Mavs could bring Bynum in "for nothing", to see if it works. When he was with the Lakers, Bynum had to be begged and prodded into trying. When he tried, and when he was healthy, his size of combination and footwork made him a beast to defend underneath.

The Mavs have a decent team, and a "right" Bynum would make them a serious threat to a top-five spot in the West. But if Bynum was right, he would have been re-signed by the 76ers, never dealt by the Cavaliers and never cut by the Bulls.

This dude is 26, and at the rate he's going will be out of the league in one year, and begging to get back in two.


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I really hope the Mavs stay away from this guy, and it's not just because he launched JJ Barea into the scorer's table in the 2011 playoff matchup with the Lakers. Suspended indefinitely for "conduct detrimental to the team" by the Cavs after half a season should tell you a lot. The 76er's paid him $16 million last year and he ended up sitting out the entire season. He worked with Kareem Jabbar for a while, but that didn't work out because he didn't give much effort and Kareem questioned his desire to play. Bynum is an old 26 years old with glass knees and no passion for the game. The Mavs already have late sleeping Samuel Dalembert occupying Rick Carlisle's dog house. There's not room for Andrew Bynum in that hotel, too.


Why would anyone be surprised that the Little Mavs would sign this dope. They are good for going after players who are way past their prime (see Carter, Marion, Odom, etc.) Nelson is about as bad of a GM as Jerry Jones but for some reason no one in the local media seem to want to point that out because he's such a nice guy. He, along with Jones, can't draft a decent player to save their lives and suck at bringing in free agent talent. The last draft pick that actually contributed to this team was Josh Howard and he's barely in the league. Like the Cowboys, the Mavs have no direction and are scared to tear this thing down and rebuild. They are still trying to build a team around a 34 year old forward.

do not apply

You hit it on the head. Out of the league in 1 year and begging to come back in 2. What a waste of time. Coach Rick will hate this guy. Love to see Coach back in the playoffs but this guy isn't a train wreck waiting to happen. He is a train wreck that has already happened again and again and again.

heather in big D

Its crazy to think just a few years ago we were NBA Champs and the darlings of the sports world. Let's hope we graduate soon from the 'Andrew Bynum' lottery soon. This franchise and it's fans deserve better.


GMan, Donnie is just a PR shield the de facto GM uses. Mark Cuban. He is ever bit as much the final sports decision maker as Jerry Jones, he just uses a cover man, donnie. That is why Donnie is still there after failing to add one co-star level player beside dirk, in the draft or free agency, since Don Nelson left.

No one in the media talks about that because Dirk was great enough with one hot playoff run by Jason Terry and the depth guys Cuban paid for to win one title. Dirk winning one title is like Larry Bird winning one title. A crime by the egotistic owner playing amateur GM.

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