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The reason behind the NBA's sleeve jerseys - race

T1_mchale_allAttend any of the "four major" sporting events in North America and there is an above average chance that the eye-ball test will tell you fans wear jerseys for, in order:
- Football
- Hockey
- Baseball
- Basketball

In an effort to change that rank, the NBA has signed off on a sleeved jersey, which people either love or hate.

Since the dawn of time, NBA jerseys have always been sleeveless. Since the dawn of time, NBA jerseys have never translated into mainstream for that reason. Here is an ugly truth no one wants to admit - since the dawn of time, sleeveless jerseys look awful on white dudes. No person ever looked worse dominating his sport than Kevin McHale.

Puritanical, shame-based white dudes seldom wear clothes that expose their shoulders, which the NBA jersey does. 

Who wants to buy an over-priced jersey that is going to make them even more self-conscious about their appearance?  A person must be in peak physical shape to pull off a sleeveless look, which explains the 162400348.jpgpopularity of a football, hockey or baseball jersey. They have more give, and cover up that unsightly pale flesh, and maybe shoulder or back hair. 

Perhaps this new sleeved-jersey is merely a reason to invent another new product people may buy. The better chance is that a sleeved-look will increase the odds of a person buying a jersey they will actually wear while not making them self-conscious.

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hairy back

Thank god for the change. I was spending a ton on razors and Nair.


I hope you're joking.

It's just another thing to sell, like Jerry's goofy 90s alternate humongous star Cowboys jersey that only should have been worn by Rowdy, before he was tarred and feathered.

And for your information, I'm a white dude, and I look amazing in sleeveless shirts.

armpit hair

I'm gonna miss seeing all the arm pit hair and acne on guy's backs. Hopefully the full t-thirt is temporary.

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