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The Texas Longhorns need a culture change

Bevo_14_headon_v2Perhaps it's all of that money, but there is something about Texas Longhorns football that is simply too nice. Maybe it's Austin. Maybe the place is a giant country club. Maybe UT is the college equivalent of Valley Ranch.

If Texas wants to be as good as it believes it's their God-given right, something much greater has to change surrounding that football team. It is 2014, and nice guys don't win. It would be great if they did, but ...

The culture and attitude at UT must change. There is a sense of entitlement; if UT just spends all of its millions, national titles will come. Everyone is spending money. The ones who win national titles spend money, and get nasty.

There is a reason why  NFL scouts and assistant coaches knock UT players as soft, or too nice. It's because many of them - not all - are just that. Never met a former UT player who was recruited and played for Mack Brown who was anything other than professional and polite.

Being polite, kind and decent are wonderful traits but good football teams usually require a sprinkling of jerk holes.

Mack Brown "stepping down" confirms what we all know - we don't care about good kids, graduation rates, or good guys when it conflicts with winning the game.

1127767No one cares if the Texas women's volleyball team, soccer team, kick ball team, diving team, chess team, Yahtzee team all win national titles in the same week - just be good in football. And by good we mean reach college football's new Final Four. Seriously, UT has to be in the discussion. To again be in the discussion for the Holiday Bowl, Alamo Bowl or Bowl is a joke.

There is no excuse for the University of Texas to be anything other than the best team in the state, and consistently a top five program in the nation. You want to win, find a coach and bury him in more money than he has ever seen in his life. Lie through your teeth about the time commitments for the Longhorn Network, and quit missing on so many quarterbacks. While you're at it, start finding some offensive linemen, too. Green light the awful practice of "gray shirting".

If you are going to move Mack Brown upstairs, or tell him to go away, you are saying you are done with the good guy routine. Start stepping on throats. There will be a price to pay later (ask USC), but no one cares about 2016.

It's 2014, and it's time for Bevo to get dirty and mean.

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You are correct in that a culture change is needed. But the change is not to become more like Miami or FSU or OU and become outlaws. What is lacking is emotion, drive, a fire in the belly. If you compare this team to the team of 2005 that is clear. A huge reason for this is that this team had no leader to spark that. Case McCoy just did not have the personality traits or the talent to lead this team. I'm not sure Ash was any better. These last two years have been tough because we lacked a qb to lead and win. This was clear in the Alamo Bowl and clear if you watched the qbs in the other bowls.


Notre Dame has had its' own TV network for over (2) decades and what good has it done ?


It's not just about the SEC burying a coach in money just ask DJ Fluker, or Fletcher Cox, or Chad Bumphis, or Luther Davis, or Maurice Couch. It seems that the top programs are also the ones that eventually wind up being investigated by the NCAA. I know hotels are expensive these days, but how is that an SEC player can submit an invoice of $35K or better? How is it that money pours in from agents to supposedly amateur players, and the programs barely get a slap on the wrist? How is that boosters have such easy access to players that they can slip them tens of thousands of dollars unnoticed? You are right about Texas having to change the culture to compete, but the other question is whether you're willing to cheat to be a national title contender.

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