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The Vikings hire the right former Cowboys coach

UnknownHe is known for tossing F-bombs at his players pretty much at all hours of the day, and his exterior can be rather gruff, but a good football man proved that substance will eventually get its shot.

Former Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer is expected to be hired today by the Minnesota Vikings to be their next head coach. After trying so many other places for his shot, and earning a reputation as a poor interviewer, Zimmer was brought back twice to talk to the Vikings' people and landed the job.

Zimmer is 57, and has spent the past 20 years as an assistant coach with the Cowboys, Falcons and Bengals.

The next longest active tenured coordinator who has not been hired as a head coach is former Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan.

Zimmer's first NFL job was in 1994, when Barry Switzer made him the defensive backs coach for the Cowboys in 1994. He was made defensive coordinator in 2000, and quickly gained a reputation as one of the league's better 4-3 coaches.

He left the Cowboys after Bill Parcells retired in 2006, spent one season with the Falcons, and then willingly went to the Bengals in an effort to solidify his reputation. He figured if he could turn around that franchise, he would get a chance to become a head coach.

This is not a PR guy, and there will be some training required to make him a bit comfortable in front of the cameras when he gets pressed, but he is a solid football coach. If the Vikings adopt the philosophy of their head coach, they will be a tough, no-screw-around team.

Now all Zimmer needs is a quarterback.

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Love this guy. Not many people know him unless you are in the know in the NFL. He can flat out coach. Vikings are lucky to have him. If he gets a quarterback he will win. No doubt about it.


I'm looking forward to the @&%*! Mike Zimmer press conferences.


Is it just me or does this guy look like Rob Riggle?!??

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