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This Devonte Fields story smells

In a short amount of time, TCU defensive end Devonte Fields went from being the Big 12 Defensive Player of the Year, an All-American to suspended, to out for the year for an injury. And now this - Fields told the Fort Worth Police Department that he was attacked, and robbed at gun point.

UnknownThat is both sad and scary, but this is where the story turns a bit odd - after the police arrived at his home, Fields "changed his mind" and said  "he did not want officers/detectives searching his premises, and that he did not want to press charges.”

Because that does not look weird.

According to reports, three people attacked Fields, pointed a gun at him, punched him, etc.

That Fields did not want to press charges is his right, but it does look odd and certainly does nothing but support suspicion that the 20-year-old defensive end knew his attackers, or had some things in his home he would rather not have made public to the cops. Again, that is his business.

Fields does not have a talent issue, but there continue to be concerns that he is surrounded by some people who maybe do not have his best interests at heart. People around the program insist this is a good kid, but there are maturity issues. There is a reason these things are happening.

TCU coach Gary Patterson has defended his all-conference player, but he clearly is trying to discipline the kid at the same time. 

When I asked GP about Fields' return in late December, he said: "I don't know. He went from the highest point to the lowest, and now he has to build it back up and deciding what he wants to be. What he wants to be off the field. He's a good kid."

Reading between the lines, there remains an issue. Ultimately, it's going to be on Devonte Fields.

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Dub Kennedy

What is Devonte Fields driving these days? I'm guessing that Mr. Fields likely drives a Range Rover or an Escalade or perhaps an F-150 Raptor since this is Texas (the state not the school).


I liked GP so much more when he wasn't successful. He is feeling the pressure to be a winner and is having to support kids any idiot would have the good sense to either call out or toss out. GP needs to come down hard on these kids. He is losing their respect and the respect and support of the TCU community.


He's driving a 2000's boring red Chevy Impala; no rims, no tint, it looks like a cop car minus the color. It's on his twitter account.


TCU has flopped in the Big 12 so far...

US Constitution

Mac Engel you should be reprimanded for such loose and unethical reporting. If someone robbed Mac I'm sure he would let them search his house! C'mon man! Society has created probably cause and warrants for a reason. You say its Devonte's choice not to press charges but yet you infer that he was doing something wrong without any facts to back it up. Im appalled by the lack of integrity in your reporting. Im certainly not a TCU fan but I am a Ft Worth resident that is sick and tired of reporters "creating" stories just to get more readers. Facts matter. Mac's opinion on what "probably maybe likely could of happened" does not. Disgusted and thinking about canceling my subscription to Star Telegram.

Rob Tentoy

James, shut up. It's been two seasons of a horrible transition.

And they've still won more conference games in 2 seasons than Baylor did in their first 8.
Also, they went to the exact same number of BCS bowl games as a member of the Big12 as Tech did.

The Reality

Smells fishy but any speculation without fact is just cone head foil conspiracy and to a kid/student nonetheless. And it's sad to say but in the Fort Worth - Dallas area there is a number of people in authority positions that carry heavy anti-TCU bias that do not look after the best interest of these athletes.


Pretty dangerous when a reporter starts writing stories based on assumptions and innuendo. Hey but mac got some page clicks, so lets toss a 20 yrd under the bus because he didnt want the cops to go through his home. You realize the kid has room mates. Maybe he didnt want the cops going through all their stuff.

The Reality

I do agree and hope he is surrounding himself with people who want the best for him and not destructive individuals. I think we all had some "friends" in college that did not have the best interests for you. There is a time where we all had to mature and stop pursuing the party life which usually is the cause of trouble.

However in this case we don't know if Devonte was doing anything wrong or knew the attackers. Just because bad things happen to the kid a few times doesn't mean we have to think the worst. He truly might be just the victim???? It is an incredible story.


Rob, TCU does not belong in the Big is just that simple. Just look at how many fans attend TCU home games and you can see the fans don't believe the horn frogs can win in the Big 12.

The Reality

James, Get real. TCU brings around 50K per game. We can have the attendance conversation but it's useless talk with haters. TCU brings as much as Baylor or any major private school not Notre Dame. When private schools are losing its the same crowds as TCU. This story though is not on attendance.


Home Attendance for TCU:

TCU - 2013 = 43,598

TCU - 2012 = 46,057

Not sure where the "50,000" avg came from but it is not "reality"

Rob Tentoy

Attendance smack is stupid. TCU has the smallest stadium and the smallest alumni base. And yet, they still have higher attendance than Kansas and are close to Baylor (even though Baylor has a bigger stadium and had their best season ever... they usually beat Baylor in attendance).
And they don't have the advantage of being the only thing worth doing on a Saturday in their immediate area. I mean... Lubbock? Norman? Stillwater? Waco?

If you are going to base worth on attendance, then you need to include Kansas and Baylor in your asinine whining.

Find something new and get off this stupid broken record.


oh james, tcu doesn't belong in the big 12 huh? baylor can't even sell their allotment of tickets for one of there biggest bowl games. you obviously don't have all your facts straight. all these years of the big 12 existence baylor has been one of the bottom dwellers and now they are finally starting to make headway let's see if they can keep it up. how quick y'all forget the injuries we had this year and still fielded a respectable team that, were in most games until the out for next year when we field a healthier team. i guarantee you'll be eating your words.
your obviously an idiot. all these years in the big 12 baylor was lucky to average 39,000 to a home game. check me on that since they came in to the league.


big mac your just that! a big mac blog of you know what!

The Reality


First I said "AROUND" 50K which 46K is around 50K. Second, according to your own attendance numbers in 2013 TCU was averaging at 97% attendance per game. And 2012 was over capacity. That shows commitment. With TCU student enrollment just 9,725 which includes postgraduatres the ratio of capacity to enrollment is better than almost any school in the country. Even just using capacity % per game not compared to enrollment, TCU's average is comparable to the top schools of each major conference. Dedication. TCU fans believe in TCU and we trust in Gary Patterson.


So far TCU (located in a population area of 1 million people) has flopped in the Big 12...that is a fact. The product on the field has been bad for football and basketball. I guess baseball has at least been competitive. TCU fans came into the Big 12 with unrealistic expectations based on success in much weaker athletic conferences. Yes TCU may get better but does anyone expect OU, UT, or BU to get worse? Adding West Virginia was a mistake as well based on the last two years results.

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