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Time for this guy to get an NFL head coaching job

Mike-zimmer-3_4How you project yourself trumps all, even in a results-oriented business like the NFL. But we may finally be on the precipice of a good man getting his shot, despite his sometimes gruff appearance.

There is no way else to explain why former Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator, and current Cincy Bengals DC, Mike Zimmer remains without a chance to become an NFL head coach. It makes no sense, other than he must completely bomb in interviews.

According to this report, Zimmer is the leading candidate for the Vikings job. He better get it.

Already the Houston Texans, Tampa Bay Bucs and now the Redskins have filled their openings.

Today, the Washington Redskins hired Zimmer's colleague, Bengals offensive coordinator Jay Gruden, to be their next head coach. Redskins owner Dan Snyder has so much invested in quarterback Robert Griffin III that he likely felt he had to pick an offensive coach to grow his meal-ticket passer.

When Zimmer went to the Bengals seven years ago, he took arguably the hardest route possible to become an NFL head coach. Since he came to the Bengals, the defense has become one of the NFL's best. The team makes the playoffs. They are relevant, something they had not been for more than a decade.

His thinking was if they had some success, he would get his shot. Despite interviewing in the past for other jobs, he never landed the job.

He is not a PR machine, but after 20 years as an assistant or a coordinator he can coach professional football. The man has earned his chance to run his own store.


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Carson P.

Having to coach in Cincinnati alone is reason enough to give the guy a head coaching job. It has got to be torture having to coach with Mike Brown.


Nice thoughts but defensive guys don't get head coaching jobs in the NFL anymore. Its a passing league in case you hadn't heard.


Heck, he coached in Dallas and had to deal with Jerry Jones. Bengals are a way better team than the Cowboys.


Nice man crush. Guess what. If he doesn't get the Mn job he ain't getting a gig this year.

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